The first quilt I ever started: RequiesCAT (2011)

I have been sewing since I was in my “tweens,” even before I “learned how” in Home Ec. (Yes, we had Home Economics classes in Jr High School back then!) This preliminary instruction stood me in good stead when I joined a medieval recreation group when I was 16 and I started making my own “costumes.”

In the mid-1980s, I fell in love with a Double Wedding Ring quilt that I had seen in a department store.  The problem was that it was light (30s/40 repro) colors on an unbleached muslin background: and I had a black cat.

I thought to myself: “It’s flat. How hard can THAT be?” So I went out to the fabric store, bought some cottons (and to this day I don’t know how I managed to buy 100% cottons in an era when most of the fabrics being shown were cotton/polys), a book, and I was off.

Ruey & Ed “model” That’s Cats (2009)

I used cardboard templates, as the book instructed, and cut the pieces out by scissors. The quilt was pieced by hand on the train on my way to work, then by machine, then by serger.

It’s a miracle it all fit together when I finally pieced the top in response to a challenge by my quilters’ guild.  I finally completed it in 2011, long after my black cat, Wacket, had passed away.

Since then, I have made many quilts, some simple, some not so much.  I’ve actually finished quite a few.  I’ve worked by hand, machine (Domestic Sewing Machine or DSM), and long arm (although I’m just a beginner there.) I piece, applique, and machine quilt.  I have handquilted some in the past, but I’m very slow at that!

I love trying new things and seeing where they take me.  This blog is about that journey.

p.s. The name of my blog: Quilting, Piece by Piece, came from my etsy shop and my jewelry business: Piece by Piece Jewelry.  I’m not as active in that as I used to be, but I hope to be so again.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. sowninpeace said:

    Thank you for finding my blog:), I am very new to quilting, and most quilters would say young, even though God has called me to this ministry. But i guess God doesnt call you to things your good at, it wouldnt be a learning experiance. I wish i had more ppl to help me learn, like you. No one in my family quilts. Round here it really a dying art unless your amish (not that this bad or anything) and the few older ladies that do quilt have been doing it for so long they forgotten how it is start at the beginning lol. So im on this journy on my own alot of the time. But i see books and pics, and like you, i try. I guess that is what counts eh? My husband likes all the blocks and quilts i make. he thinks everyone is pretty in its own way, though all be far from perfect or professional. While i was stressing about this My friend told me quilts dont have to be perfect, and i hope yours never are. I was a little upset then she told me why. Because they look cute, country charm, and all things are made perfect in God. And they are. Sorry if you feel like im preaching, i just felt like i had to share that. Anyway, I enjoy your pages and look forward to the insperation, I will be following 🙂

  2. Really enjoyed your blog..am fairly new to blogging and love your site!

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