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Probably the oldest of my surviving quilts. Made in the 80s.

Probably the oldest of my surviving quilts. Made in the 80s.

I gave my “speech” at my Guild on Monday.  Actually, I decided to hold it as more of a Show & Tell than have a theme, etc. It was less nerve wracking that way.

I had set the quilts up in sort of a timeline from oldest to newest, but basically just talked about what was going on and what I learned from making each quilt.

What everyone doesn’t know is that this was my sly way of getting my friend Jeff from JnCQuilts to photograph a bunch of my quilts. (For the record, I always use their long arm and he leant me the Bubble Jet Set stuff to make the labels for my quilts.)

So, here are the quilts that I have finished this past year that I hadn’t be able to take full size photos of (and special thanks to members of my quilt guild for holding them up:


Brimfield Star (on it’s side). The binding is made from strips of the black and white fabric I used in the stars.


Crossed Puposes. You’d never know it by this picture, but this quilt fought me the whole way through, and though there are some color choices in the blocks that I would rethink, on the whole, I’m happy with the result.


In Memory of Rumor (DnA3). Another quilt I sweated over the color of thread and the border only to find out, looking at it from the audience point of view that it just doesn’t matter.


In Memory of Edison (DnA4). Half the DnA quilts are now done. My sister has located DnA2, so I hope to finish this project by the end of the year.




Spirographology. Dedicated to my Dad, whose block I am a chip off of...

Spirographology. Dedicated to my Dad, whose block I am a chip off of…

So now that I’m done with sweating over getting something showable, what’s on my to-do list?

1. Meezer Teaser Balls.  I’ve got 20, I need 25 for the next shipment, so I should be mailing them to the Siamese Cat Rescue Center next week.  If you want one (or more), keep checking their Facebook page.

2. Keeping up with quilting my quilts. The Wrong Shade of Red is on the long arm now, mostly because I found the perfect backing rather than any particular scheduling reason. Next, I will baste Starina for hand quilting, and THEN DnA1 and (hopefully) DnA2.

3. Borderpalooza continues with A Tribute to MaryEllen Hopkins.  I hope to finish in a week or so, since I have most of the border pieced.  There is only one more BorderPalooza quilt, Barbara Brackman’s Civil War Sampler.

5. Yes, I am going to make V is for Victory, but first I am going to write the instructions and sizes on the setting triangles. (Or maybe I’ll do that simultaneously.