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My car was here...

My car was here…

We had a mighty snow this past week.  Our town got 31″, but it was light and fluffy.  Instead of shoveling, I just cleared off my car and drove out of it.

I wish I could do that with other areas of my life, but dry snow has so much more traction than some of the other things I’m up to.

First off, Drop and Give Me 20 starts tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow is a whole new month, and you can re-dedicate yourself to spending a little time with your quilting projects… as I am going to.

I have been spinning my wheels trying to get my head around this quilt talk thing when I really should be looking at it as just a show-and-tell. I guess I’ve been making additional work for myself because of it.

I don’t usually put labels on my quilts unless they are going out of my apartment so for this talk I had to make at least 12-15 labels, which was daunting. Instead of hand printing the labels, I borrowed a friend’s Bubble Jet Set and grabbed some free clip art from the web, added my information in Photoshop and ta-da… all I have left to do is sew them on.

It was so easy and fun, I may make up a tutorial (but don’t hold your breath!)

Speaking of tutorials… I was supposed to discuss using pre-cut fabrics to make V is for Victory.

How many and which pre-cuts you use depends on how scrappy you want the quilt. This chart is JUST for the color Vs, and for the size shown in my last post.

Pre-Cut Number (per pre-cut) How Many For Quilt fabric leftover (each)
5″ square (charm) 1 270 2.5″ square plus 0.5” x 2.5”
2.5″ strip 6 (cut 2.5″x7″ per block) 45 2.5×2″ (assuming 44″ WOF)
10″ square (layer cake) 5 3″ square plus 0.5” x 7” 114
18″x 22″ (Fat Quarter) 21 0.5” x 22” x 18 x 1” 13
Yardage 3.125yds x 44″ 270  1

If you go with some of the larger pre-cuts like fat quarters, or layer cakes, perhaps you can get a group together to make the quilt and trade fabric.

I’ll reserve discussion about the background and “on-point” triangles for another post.