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The Meezer Teaser Project grows!

The Meezer Teaser Project grows!

Rather than make resolutions for 2015, I’ve decided to simply keep on with my “to do” list and look over my accomplishments for the past year.

My first really good idea for the year, actually started last year.  I’m working on the Meezer Teaser balls for the Siamese Cat Rescue Society in VA. I’ve put on my “to do” list to make 25 of them by mid-January so they can start testing the waters. I’m up to 23, so I should make it.

Next up, I’m scheduled to talk at the Member showcase at my Guild in February. I have been working on showing more finished quilts than tops, and I have finished 13 projects last year, so my “show” will have actual quilts outnumbering tops.  I am hoping to get 2 more quilted (and finishing two that are quilted that just need binding.)

If you are in northeastern MA/southern NH the area, please feel free to join us. The odds are currently 4 to 1 that I will spend some portion of the presentation babbling. (Seriously, if you want more details, email me.)

BorderPalooza continues with "A Tribute to Mary Ellen Hopkins

BorderPalooza continues with “A Tribute to Mary Ellen Hopkins”

My biggest promise to myself is to schedule time with my friend Valerie. We have been on different schedules for so long, I barely remember what she looks like, and I promised I’d help her make a Double Wedding Ring quilt.

I’m also going to continue BorderPalooza since I’m so close to having all my tops that have the center done, but still need borders.

I finally figured out how to save stuff in PDF and how to print from my laptop in EQ7, so I expect some of the ideas I’ve noodled with will be turned into quilts.

The biggest use I’ve made of it for the past month has been trying out borders for the BorderPalooza quilts, of which there are only two left!)

This will leave me with 5 projects which need more work, and 15 tops which only need to be quilted and bound. Yeah, I guess I can start something else…

Also, I plan to return to writing.  I guess I got a little burned out on NaNoWriMo this year and I found myself forcing myself to write. All the joy had fled.  I took a couple of weeks off (well, three) and now I’m back (I hope) both creatively and technically.

This means, of course, that I will be posting tutorials here (next up how to rotary cut pentagons… probably in a couple of weeks… and the V is for Victory quilt for Pat.)

Sorry so few pictures this time!