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Rumi is fast becoming an integral part of the family... though mostly in an advisory role.

Rumi is fast becoming an integral part of the family… though mostly in an advisory role.

I finally got all the furniture back in the living area (from my bedroom) and all of the boxes unpacked after the flood.  The reason it took so long was I was trying to get rid of some of my stuff, and I did get give away quite a few books.

More are still to go, though, including about 3/4 of my “library” of flying books. I miss flying, but it’s unlikely I’ll be able to afford to return to it more than occasionally any time soon, and I figured I’d be better served searching for what I need to know online. It’s sad to give up the hope of getting my instrument rating, but it’s kind of cool to be able to say “I’m a pilot” even though I don’t fly anymore except as a passenger.

Yesterday was my Guild Holiday party and I’m in a pensive mood.

I got to talk to people I haven’t seen in a while, and it was announced that I’m featured in the “Member Showcase” in February.

Now, I haven’t been quiet about the Member Showcase.  I didn’t know it was a secret, but I was still gratified that people applauded and looked happy that I was scheduled to do it.

Now to get serious and work on my list of quilts.

Chrissy and I share an "unfortunate" addiction to all things "Hello Kitty."

Chrissy and I share an “unfortunate” addiction to all things “Hello Kitty.”

I didn’t get to talk much to my friends Chrissy and Susan, whom I rarely actually see but keep up with on Facebook. It was nice to touch base and see them looking happy and well. With all our allergies and sensitivities, we swap recipes and try to work out how to make them so we can eat them.

I had recommended Chrissy to work with a friend of mine this fall, and she actually got the job. This is not surprising since she’s smart, dedicated and a hard worker (like most of my friends), but more because I seldom get to recommend my friends to my other friends because the skill sets never seem to line up.

I think I was almost more thrilled than she was when she got hired!

The first five prototypes of the Meezer Teaser Balls.

The first five of the Meezer Teaser Balls.

I’ve planned a fund-raising project for the Siamese Cat Rescue Center (who gave us Rumi) for the next year.  I’ll be trying to make at least one puzzle ball a week to be sold for make some money for their operating costs.

As of now, I’m calling them “Meezer Teaser Balls” because “Rumi’s Balls” was considered… er… a bit too… risqué. I just finished the sixth last night.

I’m using scraps from wherever I get them and polyester fiberfill (and thick poly batting scraps which I cut up to use with the fiberfill, since it’s free and I’m not using it for anything else.)  I had wanted to make some using flannel, but I don’t quilt with flannel, so I have no flannel scraps.

I’ve adapted some of the puzzle balls from Jinny Beyer’s book. (the triangle balls are slightly bigger, and most of the other balls have been reduced in size.) Which reminds me, I should probably get official permission to make these balls for this purpose…

My next big quilting project is to put labels on the quilts which were (or will be) finished for my talk in February using Bubble Jet Set.

Oh, and writing up the “V for Victory” quilt instructions.  Would you like to see them here?

As for holidays, Happy Hanukkah (with or without the C or the double n or only one k or however you spell it in English). I hope you enjoy your Christmas, Kwanzaa, and all other winter holidays you celebrate, and I hope to write again before the New Year.