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Photo on 11-13-14 at 4.14 PM

A new DNA quilt finally goes on the long arm. (This is the one with the pieced back, which is finally the correct size.)

Rather than complain about the Christmas decorations (most put up after Halloween, thank goodness!) I’ve decided to embrace the whole deal.

Now, of course, this does not mean I’ll be leaving the Thanksgiving table to go to the mall (or waking up at O-dark-thirty to get “deals.) It just means I’ve decided not to be grumpy about it… for today at least.

I mean, shiny tinsel and evergreen boughs are pretty! Be happy! Don’t Worry!

I think I can stay like this until I have to pick up my prescriptions from Walmart.

So in my (probably temporary) un-grumpy state, I’m going to tell you what I’ve been up to in the last couple of weeks.

First of all, I have been writing.  I still think it’s dreck and will ultimately be unpublishable, but the novel has made some twists and turns that have surprised even me. I’m about 80% of the way through November’s word count and will hopefully be able to have it “validated” for NaNoWriMo before the end of the month.

What I learned is that I need a bit more structure when starting. I took out an old outline, but I hadn’t re-acquainted myself with the plot or characters before the beginning of November, and the story has veered WAY off course. I have no idea how it’s going to end (or if.)

Note to self: more prep for NaNoWriMo next year.

Most of the pictures I've taken lately have been of the cats. Here's Rumi

Most of the pictures I’ve taken lately have been of the cats. Here’s Rumi

Number two on the hit list is: dealing with cats.  I know I posted a picture of Rumi when I got him, but we’re still in the “getting acquainted” stage with Miko, so some hissing and growling accompanies my daily writing. No cats have been harmed in the making of this…. well you get the picture.

In terms of quilting, I finally got DnA4 (or is it 3) on the long arm. I programmed the machine and the first border went swimmingly.

Unfortunately, it all went down hill from there. I forgot to change the thread for the “inside” and then, last week, I wasn’t able to work on it at all.


I am co-running (is that a word?) a 10″ block “raffle” for my Guild with my friend Cricket.

This coming week, being American Thanksgiving, will also be a no-LA week, so it will taken longer than a month for me to finish it (probably even two.)

I still can’t get to my quilting supplies, so I am knitting instead.  I have the body, tail, one paw, and two ears of the Siamese kitty toy I’m knitting for my friend Kris.  Oh, and half of the head. I would knit a lot faster if I actually sat down and did it.

Finally, I am almost done with the book shelves after the flood. We have three empty shelves (out of 20) and some only partially filled.  I am beginning to move books from other areas to “fill the gaps” and, at the same time, go through those.) I hope to move the sofa back to its original position some time this week.

When I do, I can finally move the excess furniture from my bedroom and get quilting again!