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So what have I been up to in my missing couple of weeks? Well… there in lies a tale (and at least a couple of tails.)

First of all, I woke up the morning of October 23rd to find half of the front room of my apartment flooded.  The drains had not drained and, having been asleep, I hadn’t bailed.

I needed to pack up my my bookcases and my china cabinet. Bear in mind, by bookcases run the length of my apartment, and my “china cabinet” is three separate units, the center one housing my TV, etc.

So, as I sat around with various maintenance guys moaning about how much stuff I had, and how dare I garden on my porch (because, obviously the dirt from replanting pots was so much more responsible for clogging the drain, than the times that they trimmed the hedges (and didn’t sweep) or strip the paint on the upstairs porches (which fluttered down to my ground level apartment… which they didn’t sweep)… well, you get the picture.

An exhausted Rumi returns from exploring the main room.

An exhausted Rumi (not to be confused with Rumor) returns from exploring the main room.

During all this, I adopted an “annoying kitty companion” for Miko.  His name is Rumi.

I had hoped to have the Siamese Rescue people hold onto him for a few days while we got our apartment back in order, but, no, he had to come to his “forever home” in a total state of chaos.

And so we have remained.

We finally dried out and now Miko met her match. They both prefer to believe the other doesn’t exist, so even though doors are open, there is almost no interaction (unless you call Miko trying to eat Rumi’s food, which she shouldn’t have.)

I haven’t done any quilting since.  Quite frankly, my sewing machine is unreachable.  Actually, my bed is almost unreachable since I have been storing most of the furniture from the front room in my bedroom.

PiecedBackI thought I was going to be okay, though. Before this disaster happened, I had pieced together the backing for the next quilt I wanted to quilt on the long arm.

I went today and put it on, only to find out that my top was 2″ wider than my back.  I guess I’d better go back to measuring school… and find some fabric to add to the edges for next week.

You may also notice the widget on the left column. Yes, I am participating in NaNoWriMo again. I have gotten off to a rocky start in that I don’t have a clear idea of my main character, and pretty much everything that I’ve written so far is description and world-building that will end up on the cutting room floor.

Still, I have a better idea of what she’s about after 6 days of writing, and some of the other characters are coming into focus, so maybe I will be able to save the story after all.

I still live in the hope that I will return to weekly blogging about quilting.  We all must have our dreams…