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Many dealers at Brimfield have quilts even though they don't specialize in them.

Many dealers at Brimfield have quilts even though not all who feature them specialize in them.

I try to post on Thursday, which is also when I go to use the long-arm. This past Thursday, however, I was cleaning and prepping for the visit from a friend, and so I didn’t get to this blog.

It was the last Brimfield of the year and this time we went on Friday when more dealers were open. Saturday is good, but some of the dealers pack up earlier because they are traveling on Sunday.

Anyway, I had nothing I was really looking for, so I settled for looking at quilts. (I also have to warn you that I forgot my camera, so these were taken with my “stupid phone” which you really can’t see in the sunshine.)

One of the things I really love about antique quilts is that even when they’re imperfect and downright wacky, they seem to represent that “real” human women were making them.

The piecing is great on this one.  The quilting... not so much.

The piecing is great on this one. The quilting… not so much, but the quilter obviously did as good a job as she could and the resulting top looks terrific!

The quilts that generally show up at Brimfield are not the stellar, “hang-in-the-museum” types, but more like the kind that I do which makes a great counter-weight to going to Quilt Shows.

“Ah, yes, these quilts were made to be used.”

Unfortunately, quite a few of them are used as packing, which seems a bit sad, but at least they’re not just sitting around. (She glances around her room at her stacks of quilts on the trunk at the base of her bed… on the closet shelves… in a pile on the drafting chair waiting for their binding…)

BrimStarTopSpeaking of making quilts…

Since I didn’t get to use the long-arm last week, it means that I still have to choose a project to work on for the next couple of weeks.

Coming back from Brimfield, I thought Brimfield Star, but I don’t think I have a backing I like with it, and I’m not even sure what kind of thread to use. I might have even decided all that, but if so, I forgot.

I really should write these things down… oh wait, I probably did.  I just lost the list.

The second of the Drunkard's Path quilts.

The second of the Drunkard’s Path quilts.

As for piecing, I am still working on Debbie’s Drunkard’s Path projects.  I’ve just finished the second (which I am considering calling Dragonfly Path: The Fairy Frost Strikes Back!)

So, that’s what I’ll be up to this week.  I may post again on Thursday, or I may make a move to Mondays… who knows?