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Playing with Drunkard's Path blocks from my friend, Debbie, I have put about a third of them into this new top which I'm calling Dragonfly Path.

Playing with Drunkard’s Path blocks from my friend, Debbie, I have put about a third of them into this new top which I’m calling Dragonfly Path.

Last week I finished the quilting on Aiming for Accuracy.  I am happy that it’s done, but I wish I had picked a different  quilting motif.

I like the loopy ribbony part, but the lotus blossom seems a bit dense for the rest of the quilting. So, since I’m not enthusiastic about the way it turned out, I have been dragging my heels a bit.

The reason you don’t see a photo of it here is that, even though I sewed the binding on, I still have to fold it over and hand stitch it. This is a problem for me in the Summer when I don’t watch much TV.

I couldn’t think of what to do next, so I’m taking the week off, but I think the next one on the long arm will be Crossed Purposes.

I have a back that I like that’s big enough (although it needs a seam across the middle), but I can’t think of what to do in terms of quilting.

Miko watches intently as our porch gets really close to flooding our apartment.

Miko watches intently as our porch gets really close to flooding our apartment.

Just  edge-to-edge panto will do the trick since there’s so much going on with the piecing, but should I  something different on the border (which is what I would do if I were handquilting it)?

I could just follow the lines of the piecing, but that will take more time than just “panto-ing away.”

Decisions, decisions…

Am I overthinking this again?  After all, this is the quilt top made from blocks that I had to wash because of Edison, so the reds bled and made the blocks look different from the way I planned (and the edges frayed so I had to cut down the sashing.)

I have made decisions about the Drunkard Path blocks I got from my friend Debbie who said “sew these all together into a top… and here’s some scraps.” Well, there were about 5 billion of these DP blocks, so I decided that the batik didn’t play well with the others, and I split them off.  The result is on my design wall and has been dubbed Dragonfly Path because one of the back background fabrics is printed with iridescent dragonflies.

No clue as to what I’ll do with the other 200 or so blocks.

Well, anyway, I don’t have to choose anything else today since I’m going to the Farmer’s market in a bit and I still have to hack away at The Echoes.

Hope you all have a creative week!

I posted the following to Facebook, but it’s been on my mind for the past few days, so I thought I’d share it here as well:

I wasn’t going to say anything about Robin Williams because my first thought was “one of us lost.” Most of you who know me, know that I have been diagnosed with Depression (or, what I call “cap D Depression to difference it from the emotion.) I’ve been working on it with (with various rates of success) for years.

For me, it’s not about feeling sad. It’s about feeling numb and without energy or motivation. I’ve never felt like committing suicide because that’d be way too much work, but some days, even getting up to make coffee is a major effort.

While we don’t really know how or why Robin Williams died, I feel great wonder at what he was able to accomplish given what he had to fight against and a certain amount of kinship with him because of his struggle with Depression.

In many ways, my quilting is one way I cope with my Depression. Somehow, I am always able to push myself out of a stupor to play with color and texture, to sew “just a few” pieces of fabric together.  It’s been a lifeline for me for decades and is about far more than just “making blankets.”

…Though, of course, since I live in New England, “blankets” are always useful in the winter…