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Not sure this blue is the way to go, but I'm liking the "every other" block layout.

Not sure this blue is the way to go, but I’m liking the “every other” block layout.

I’m still a slug (although I have been writing between 250 and 500 words each day since the beginning of the month.) I still have not taken a picture of the completed quilts and tops that I have mentioned in the recent past.

I have, however, been making my peace with the Airship blocks.

I’ve decided that they are just too “energetic” to be sewn side by side, which, to me, means either a secondary block, or a very wide sashing.

My first was just a plain “every other block” layout. I did like that it calmed the blocks down, but it means that I have to do so real searching for either a fabric that holds up to the energy of the Airship block, or a secondary block that does not take away from it.

My favorite layout so far.

My favorite layout so far.

When I was testing, I was using blue, but I’m not wedded to that color either.  Red is also energetic, but my last black & white quilt (i.e. The Wrong Color of Red) used red and I want to use something else.

The greens I have are either not right, or I don’t have enough and I want to keep the “B” blocks all the same. Conceptually, blue works since they are supposed to be AIRships. Maybe I should look for cloud fabric.

I like the blocks on point, and the thought of having those empty spaces to put quilting in kind of tickles my fancy… although what kind of quilting to put there remains to be seen.

In addition to the Airship blocks, I am quilting In Full Bloom on the long arm.  It’s turning out really cute. Except for one border (the green and black one), it’s all designed.  I may just leave that one blank since it’s only 2″.

This week I finished the horizontal rows so now I have to reposition the zippers and do the two side borders. Of course, while I have it at home, I’m tying off the stray ends and burying them while listening to books on tape (which I discovered I can get out of our library through Overdrive.)

I did  the quilting on In Full Bloom block by block. It's really cute!

I did the quilting on In Full Bloom block by block. It’s really cute! (There’s an additional plain border added since I photographed it as a top.