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Fresh off the long-arm, Daystars only took two sessions and now needs to be bound.

I guess my joy at posting on time last week was short-lived.  I missed Thursday again this past week, although I did make it to Cricket’s for long-arm time.

Today I am binding Daystars, which I finished quilting on Thursday.  I had planned on using a Baptist Fan, like Catherine Wheels, but that wasn’t available, so I used these bubbles.  I think they’re cute!

I have also chosen binding for Got Dots, but I still have some machine quilting to do on the DSM.  My Merritt seemed to have problems with the thread I was using on top, so now I plan on seeing if I can get either the 99 or the Featherweight to cooperate.

Yes, after some consideration, I chose the small, finicky spools for the border. The others just didn't seem to be in the right proportion.

Yes, after some consideration, I chose the small, finicky spools for the border. The others just didn’t seem to be in the right proportion.

And, of course, I am in the throes of making of spools.

When I “left” you last week, I was deeply troubled by the spool dilemma.  I had several (actually 3) ways to make the spools for the border and one of them took considerably more time and brain power than the others.

Since my brain has not been exactly humming along recently (witness the dozen or more extra leaves I made for In Full Bloom, among other things), I was trying to wiggle out of making the complicated ones, even though I liked them the best.

Of course, they fit in better with the other “cat toys” on the quilt and they were also the “winner” of the discussion (i.e. whining post) I had on Facebook. I’m about half-way done, and I’m getting a bit better at constructing them. (I’ll let you in on the tricks I’ve figured out a way to explain in words and when I get around to taking pictures.)

To end this post, I hope everyone has a nice weekend.  In the U.S., it’s Memorial Day weekend, which is everyone seems to think is the time for cook-outs and gatherings.

On Memorial Day, of course, we are really supposed to remember the people who served in the armed forces and died for their country.  None of my immediate family was killed in a war, but several who had served are gone now: my dad’s family was traditionally Navy (my aunt was a Navy nurse who commanded a floor of Bethesda Naval Hospital.) My aunt’s husband, Frank Shemanski (retired a full Commander and who had captained a ship) just joined her this past January.

I like to take a moment to think about them and their stories on Memorial Day.