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We had lots of small quilts in our show.

We had lots of small quilts in our show like Scottie MacPup by Judy Gordon

Oh look! It’s Thursday and I’m actually posting.

This week is kind of a whirlwind of activity (and cleaning.) It started with my Guild’s show last weekend.  Our show is traditionally on Mother’s Day weekend (or so it has been for as long as I’ve been a member… which I admit has not be that long.)

I did not get a quilt in because I really didn’t finish a show quilt I felt was good enough, but the rest of the Guild members made up for my lack. Our show has no ribbons. It’s sort of like a “standing Show and Tell”, which takes the pressure off.


February Table was just one of the quilts my friend, the awesom appliquer Maryann Geiser showed.

February Table was just one of the quilts my friend, the awesome appliquer Maryann Geiser showed.

It was great seeing everyone and their quilts. We have a creative bunch!

And I was very good. I really only bought a bag of scraps and a couple of books (and a lightbulb for my Merritt), entered a couple of raffles (didn’t win, as usual), schmoozed and had lunch.

Our raffle quilt was also unveiled, but I don’t have good pictures of it (I’ll post one and a link for information when the official pictures are taken.) It was awesome. The quilting was done on the same long arm that I have been borrowing to do my quilts, but Cricket really out did herself!

I was also astonished to discover how many of my fellow Guild members read my blog.  It makes me want to be more timely in my posts.  I got to talk about “Borderpalooza” and see if anyone had any suggestions for my Japanese Cats quilt.

This Dimensional Spool block is one of the borders I am going to test out on Japanese Cats.

This Dimensional Spool block is one of the borders I am going to test out on Japanese Cats.

A couple of days later, however, I woke up and had my own idea: instead of repeating a motif (I was leaning towards mice, but several people told me that the fish were cuter) I would make a new one.

Miko plays with my empty spools, so I decided to use a spool block.


This is a more graphic spool (and easier to sew), but I’m not sure it “reads” as spools when put next to each other.

I found a couple of possibilities.  One of which is a bit more graphic and the other a little more “realistic.”  Right now I’m sewing several of the blocks up to see which looks best.

I like the dimensional spool, but it’s a bit finicky in the size I need it (3″ finished.) I think it will make a cute zig-zag border, but nothing else in the quilt is dimensional, so I’m wondering if it “fits.”

The other block is plainer (and therefore easier to piece), but it doesn’t “read” like a spool even though it fits more with the “graphic-ness” of the other cat toys on the quilt.

If you have any input (please!) or other suggestions, leave me a comment or drop me an email.  Thanks!

In all the quilting news, I forgot the last bit of rushing around for this week is prep for BRIMFIELD.

I am hoping to go with my friends, but Joey’s poor car is no more so I might not be seeing him.  Katie, coming up from NYC, also might take a pass since the weather is supposed to be dreadful, but *I* am cleaning just in case. I really hope to go so I can see my sister (and perhaps get some ideas for more quilts!)