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I’m behind times and I thought I’d put up a quick post about my current quilt.

I don’t know if you remember when I changed this quilt:metrib1

To this quilt:BlackWhiteRed

By removing these blocks:

KSDugoutBut I ended up with a ton and nothing to do with them. So I put them in a box as usual (I can’t seem to throw anything that I’ve worked on as long as these blocks away.) They probably would have been donated to my Guild or made into a charity quilt.


I was on Facebook and I saw this quilt:


I still have to track down the maker of the quilt I drew the inspiration from. Stupidly, I saved the picture without any attribution.  Should have just put it in Pinterest.

And darned of those blocks aren’t a 9-patch, the corners of which are my Kansas Dugout Blocks. So, of course, I dragged this out to work on when I finished In Full Bloom but still had a week or so of Making out with BoB.


A Tribute to Mary Ellen Hopkins?  Just 1 row of 8 blocks to go until I move everything around and then sew it together.

I realised what had made my original tribute quilt so static was that the red blocks overwhelmed the rest, so I took some leftover Dugout Blocks which had been the leaves of In Full Bloom‘s outer pieced border (I’ve been having trouble with math lately…) and mixed them. I liked what I saw, so I just made more with fabric from my scrap box.

Once again, I haven’t named this one.  The original quilt was intended to be a tribute to Mary Ellen Hopkins (whose book “It’s Okay If You Sit On My Quilt” is the reason I actually FINISHED my first quilt…not the first quilt that I started, that one took 25 years.)

I like the way the wild scraps calm and are calmed by those red Kansas Dugout blocks. I changed the centers so that the red ones had dark fabric next to the centers and the non-red ones had light. But, really, it’s a traditional block called “Spool” by Nancy Cabot.