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In Full Bloom blocks from my Guild's boxed block exchange many, many moons ago...

In Full Bloom blocks from my Guild’s boxed block exchange many, many moons ago…

No, I am not having an affair, nor do I have a new boyfriend (at my age shouldn’t it be “man-friend?” or beau?)

Drop and Give Me 20 is ending, and the Linten Challenge on one of my email mailing lists is starting, so I thought I’d give you all a chance to play along.

(BTW, it’s called “Linten” so those on the list who don’t “do” Lent can still play along. This year, we’ve got a good long time It starts on Ash Wednesday (5 March) and runs until Easter, 20 April.)

There are several challenges you can choose from, or make up your own. Originally, my challenge was to whittle down the unfinished projects on my Excel Spreadsheet.

Beat The Blues is a former BoB from the boxed block exchange, so you know I can do this!

Beat The Blues is a former BoB from my Guild’s boxed block exchange. I actually finished and quilted it so you know I can do this!

I tried to start that challenge a little early by going through and actually looking at my projects with a mind towards giving some of the tops away, but only came up with a couple I could part with (and one of those as anonymously as possible, I think!)

That meant in order to whittle down my list, I had to commit to finishing a bunch of quilts during Lent, something I really didn’t think I could do… (even though I’m trying to clear my backlog by going to Cricket’s every week to work on her long-arm.)

So, I’m officially falling back on the challenge that always makes me laugh: “making out with BoB.”

“BoB” is short for “Box of Blocks.” These blocks usually related in someway and just have been passed over in favor of other, more exciting quilting projects. Maybe you’re missing one or two, or maybe you got sick of that project and didn’t want to make as many as the pattern specified.


If and when I finish In Full Bloom, this might be my next BoB project

Or maybe you have a bunch of random blocks you made for retreats, exchanges, or classes that are just lying around. Can you throw them out? Donate them somewhere? If not, these are the kinds of blocks that are perfect for “Making out with BoB.”

Your challenge is then to take the blocks and make them into a quilt. It doesn’t have to be a super-wonderful quilt (and you can turn around and donate it when you’re done if you don’t like how it turned out).  Relax and set the bar low. Experiment with borders, bindings and colorways! Right now these blocks are sitting there just taking up space, so there’s really no pressure if you want to try something new with them.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing with you some of the ways I’m thinking of combining my BoBs to make quilts. I hope you decide to play along!

(p.s. I did finish the borders to Fan Dance, and Grandmother’s Choice is about half-way done on the long-arm. I’ll post the pictures when I get them!)