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Fan Dance is now in one piece and I'm contemplating...you guessed it!... borders.

Fan Dance is now in one piece, and I’m contemplating…you guessed it!… borders.

Yes. it’s day 8 of Drop and Give Me 20, and yes, I have been sewing diligently at least 20 minutes every day. Unfortunately, I have not been writing every day so this post is a bit late.

Since one of my goals for DaGM20 is to actually finish something, I decided I would look at some of my projects that I started and stopped. True UFOs as opposed to those merely waiting for borders or quilting.

The first one I settled on was my red and white quilt, Fan Dance. I had stopped because I had made 4 quarters of the quilt and realized it didn’t have a center focus. I thought it was strange-looking without a center and that it looked kind of dead and blank there. (Several people, both here and on Facebook, pointed out that they thought I was wrong.)

DSC03554Rather than pull it apart, as I had threatened a year and a half ago when I put it away, I thought I’d just go with the layout as it is now and add a border.

Musing on possible borders for it, I woke up with the concept of having a “rick-rack” border. I have two ideas to piece one: a serpentine border using the left-overs from where the arcs were cut away from the backgrounds for the fans, and a sharp zigzag pieced sort of like Seminole strips.

Right now I’m working on the curved one (because I always have to do things the hard way.)

As for my other projects: Les Filles de les Mares is also all in one piece, but it doesn’t look too different from the last time I photographed it,  I didn’t include another photo.

I also went for a “consult” for long-arming Grandmother’s Choice. It was fun to visit Cricket, who I haven’t had a chance to chat with for a while.  We chose the thread, and came up with a design, but didn’t actually start the quilt because we ran out of time…I guess I should talk more at home because I can’t seem to stop myself when I go out.

Untitled at this time, this is a charity quilt I'm making from a kit supplied by our Comfort Quilts group at my Guild.

Untitled at this time, this is a charity quilt I’m making from a kit supplied by our Comfort Quilts group at my Guild.

As you know, I seldom concentrate on one project at a time, so my last little project is actually from my Guild.  I call it a challenge.

We have a couple of charities we donate quilts to, and the chairperson of this group sometimes gathers blocks together and puts them in kits.  I like to take these kits and do something different with them.

This past Guild meeting, I acquired these pink and green 5″ squares. Sewing them to each other as blocks would simply be too pedestrian for me, so, of course, I have to be different.

The challenge, of course, is to take fabric you might never have combined yourself and turn it into a quilt that looks like something says “you” made it.

While I may never combine pinks and greens together in a quilt again (pink…ugh! especially those old, fussy pink prints!) I can honestly say I am warming up to this quilt and that someone (who is not blind or a female under the age of 8) might actually be happy to get it.

So, those are my “Drop and Give Me 20” projects (at least for now.)