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masterpieceI am not a “thread snob.”  I know, I should have my quilter badge taken away, but usually I don’t care what I sew with (as long as it works on my machine.)  That said, I’ve never had a quilt “fail” because of the thread.

But, because I’m now hanging out with actual quilters, I feel I have to upgrade my thread stash and try some new things.

One of the new threads I decided to try out was “MasterPiece by Alex Anderson” from Superior Threads.

The Storm at Sea/Roses quilt is almost ready to be put together.

The Storm at Sea/Roses quilt is almost ready to be put together.

I love John Flynn‘s So Fine thread for quilting on the long arm, so when I had bought my last cone, on a whim, I ordered a “try me special” of MasterPiece (plus, I’m a huge fan of Alex Anderson from way back when she hosted “Simply Quilts.”)

Well, I finally got around to testing the thread last month, and it kept breaking.  I went to the web site to see if I could troubleshoot, but nothing helped. Usually, at this point, I would just relegate it to the “bad buy” category and use it in my bobbin.

Instead, I wrote to Superior Threads… and they wrote me back…over Christmas!


This is how I’m feeling about my fabric stash these days…

Long story short: the MasterPiece I had got on special was 2 ply.  They have since switched over to 3-ply which is stronger.  They sent me a free spool to try out the 3-ply, and it seems to be working great.

I did figure out what the problem with the 2-ply might have been, though.  I was using Aurifil poly in the bobbin, and that was “cutting” the MasterPiece thread in the top, ever so often. Having cotton in the bobbin with the MasterPiece seems  to help with the breakage on the original spool.

So, a bit of a rave for Superior Threads and their tireless customer service folk who work even over Christmas making sure you love their threads. So Fine is still my favorite poly thread, but MasterPiece is lovely to work with…plus there’s about a 100 billion feet of thread on one of those itty bitty spools.