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Goodnight, my Ed.

Goodnight, my Ed.

I am hoping that I managed to get all my sickness in early this winter. (I came down with a cold on New Year’s Eve and didn’t actually make it to midnight.) That and the flu made December less than wonderful.

Also, my older cat, Edison, died just after Christmas of heart issues.  He was almost 16 and had a number of health challenges. From a wary dockside rescue cat, he eventually turned into quite the loving fellow, if never really much of a socialite.

Miko thinks he’s hiding in the closet somewhere.

I hadn’t trotted out my Master Plan for 2013 of “finishing more projects than I started,” so I didn’t actually break that promise. It was a very creative year for me until I realized that quilt tops are just not as warm as finished quilts.

I used these Amish blocks to practice my FMQ, and now they're my first completed project of 2014,

I used these Amish blocks to practice my FMQ, and now they’re my first completed project of 2014,

I finished only 6 projects, and only one was a full-sized quilt (The Quilt That Shall Remain Nameless, as a matter of fact.) However, I started only 7 projects, so I guess that’s not too bad.

When I am healthier, I am planning on taking over Cricket and Jeff’s long-arm on a semi-regular basis and see if I can at least get a couple of full-sized quilts done.

I will be starting with Grandmother’s Choice, and continuing with Sunflower Lattice.

I hope to get Sunflower Lattice completed and written up as a pattern to be published, but it’s a big quilt and maybe I should work on a smaller version instead.

Speaking of small, I am working on a paper-pieced Storm at Sea to be called something to do with roses– “Run for the Roses,” “Everything’s Coming up Roses,” “Storm of Roses,” something like that. You’ll know why when you see it.  I’ll probably won’t be able to decide on a name until I have enough blocks completed see the design on the design wall (something which Miko has decided is a new scratching post and has been pulling down nightly.)

I have decided this year I will be working from my Excel Spreadsheet and naming a “Top 5” projects, as I did a couple of years ago. I am hoping this makes  “more accountable” (which, to me, means that I will actually push myself to complete more stuff.)

My current Top 5 (Quilting Projects I am working on):

1. Rose Quilt (piecing) – Just started.

2. Christmas Dear Jane – Sandwiched and ready for DM FMQ.

3. Grandmother’s Choice – Packed up and ready to be taken to The Beast.

4. Stars For Malcolm – Handpiecing/travelling project

5. Pull out unfinished projects and see if they are at the state the spreadsheet says they are. (I have a number which, apparently, only need borders, and some which the blocks have been put together, but they are not actually a top…I want to look at these and try to develop a plan for them.

Sorry this post was kind of “meander-y,” I guess I’m not quite as recovered from the cold as I thought when I started writing. I hope to have photos of some of the bigger projects (like Inari, the red/black/white quilt) that have been put together, but not posted here due to the weather.

If you would like a copy of my Excel Spreadsheet to put your projects in, or if you want to share your own Top 5 (or even suggest a pithier name), please feel free to either comment on the blog, or send me an email.