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I have finished a little over half the blocks I'll be doing for this quilt. For a while I wasn't happy with it, but as I've gotten more done, I think I like it better.

Blocks the Cross Roads quilt. For a while I wasn’t happy with it, but as I’ve gotten more of them done, I think I like it better.

As a self-professed night owl, I have to admit that mornings and I just don’t get along. I try not to impose my crankiness on all and sundry until at least 11 AM, however, these days, I am “stuck” with getting up and  driving my room-mate to Radiation Therapy every week-day morning for 6 weeks. This, of course, means actually leaving the apartment.

This may sound like a complaint, but it’s not. I do this, even though I know she could qualify for transportation services, because I just know it is easier on her to have a friend do it. And how hard is it to actually be “drive-ably awake” at 9 AM?

I mean, lots of people get up at 6.  By choice!


The Aiming for Accuracy block this week was actually 3 blocks and took longer than expected. Instead of finishing over the week-end, I didn’t actually finish and get a picture of it until yesterday.

So it’s been about a week of this and it’s getting easier so I shouldn’t complain (even though Miko has decided that I should still be up as late at night AND earlier in the morning.) Peg has (surreptitiously, she thinks) been putting more and more caffeine in my morning coffee which used to be only half-caffeinated. We have made it on time every day and haven’t even had a close call.

Since it’s really less than an hour out of my day, I tell myself I can just flop down in my bed and take a nap after we get back, but when we get home again that seems like copping out. So, I have tried to make the mornings useful, but my brain is still less than fully functional. *sigh*

The Flower-Pot quilt(let) is done!

The Flower-Pot quilt(let) is done!

I guess I could quilt, but I’m not really up for it at that time, so I’ve been reading, mostly fiction. I’ve read 94 of the 100 books I’ve pledged  to read this year (on Goodreads), and it’s not even September. Of course, a good 90 percent of those books are on my Kindle, and many were free. Unfortunately, free Kindle books seem to run the gamut from well-written and edited to “it’s my idea and no one is going to touch my baby.” I’ve run into quite a few of the latter.

Come the afternoon, I find my brain is in gear enough to start quilting.

I have about half the blocks I plan on making for Cross Roads.  I think I’m finally satisfied with the templates and procedure.

I am still marking the Christmas Dear Jane. Grandmother’s Choice is pressed, and the back has been prepared for the long arm. I’m still not sure what I’ll do to it. Probably something simple like “Baptist Fans.”

I finished the Flower-Pot quilt(let). I had more trouble with Barbara (the Singer 99) as a quilting machine than I thought I would. I found that the table part under the “arm” was not really slippery enough, so I had a lot of problems free-motion quilting until I wrapped her base in “cling” wrap.

Flower-Pot without the dimensional flowers.

Flower-Pot without the dimensional flowers.

I think next time I’ll cut out and attach freezer paper “slippy” side up. That, and, maybe, use a lower table.

With three additional hours in the morning, I’m thinking of returning to writing fiction. Fiction has to be less taxing on my brain than sewing or technical writing, right?  It should be perfect for the mornings since I’m practically asleep and in a highly creative state. It’ll be like lucid dreaming with an actual plot. Sort of. I think.

I’ve been listening to some podcasts about writing, and I think I’m going to schedule some stream-of-consciousness creative writing for early in the week keeping Thursday open for this blog. I wonder if I can keep it up for any length of time.

We’ll see how long that lasts.