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Since I have one more part in the drafting of Cross Roads, I thought I’d pop up a couple of pictures of the Flower Pot quilt(let).  It’s now got a border and I’ve even chosen background fabric.

…And since I cleaned my machine last night, it can go “under the needle” today!

flowerpotwithoutThis is the final version of the Flower-Pot quilt(let).  It’s 18″ x 24″ and was specifically designed as a way to take my folded flowers “on the road.”

Those white spots in the center of the circles are velcro.  I have decided just to let the glue do the work, since, for some reason, my machine is refusing to sew into the backing (or even around the edges.)

The borders are just some random squares I collected throughout the years.  I started cutting my scraps into squares long ago (and I don’t always do it!)

If I can get a 5″ square out of a scrap, it goes into the scrap bin. If it’s smaller, I cut it into however many squares I can get.  I find I use 2″ and 2.5″ squares the most, but seldom use the larger squares (these are 3.5″.)

flowerpotwithHere it is with the flowers put on.

I have some strategies for quilting the background of the flower-pot section, but am still considering what to do in the border. Maybe a “key” pattern.

The backing and batting are ready to go when I make that decision. Maybe you’ll even see it “done” when I post at my “normal” time…

…but don’t hold your breath, okay?