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Even though I should have no trouble photographing this one, this is all I can show to you of the new project I’m testing until it’s published.

Remember when I decided to start testing patterns late last year?  No, me neither. Maybe I was taken over by a walk-in.

In reality, the reason that I decided to, even with an admission that I don’t like to make “other people’s quilts,” was that I was hoping it would hone both my writing skills and my sewing skills.

Well, sewing skills aside, I’m not sure if it’ll have an effect on my writing skills since I have now decided that testing quilting patterns is a bit like playing “Where’s Waldo” with errors: you find more, you win. (Well, I have to do something to entertain myself while reading over the same thing 80 thousand times.)

This time I chose an “Advanced Beginner” level project.  Judging from the way the last pattern came out, calling myself an “Advanced” quilter was probably overstating my expertise.  I am very experienced, but I am sloppy at times, especially when I don’t like what I’m doing (and not getting paid for it.)

I think my fourth Aiming for Accuracy block might have come out too light.

I think my fourth Aiming for Accuracy block might have come out too light.

I also decided to experiment using some things I’ve always meant to try (or return to.)  My success was limited.

  1. I do not get along with Madeira metallic thread.  It goobers up by my machine. (Luckily, once I changed to a fatter needle, all the goobers were on the back and this is a pillow sham, so no one will see that part.) I’m sure there’s a way to make it work more nicely, but it’s never going to be my go-to thread.
  2. Phoomph does not work for me as an applique medium.  Especially if you’re layering it.  I thought it would add dimension, but it’s just not my thing.  No more  Phoomph for me. (Sorry, Beth H!)
  3. I do like using Sashiko patterns for quilting motifs.  You can generally use your walking foot (at least on the ones with straight lines.)
The Seven Sisters blocks in Stars For Malcolm, will be arranged in a diamond...I think.

The Seven Sisters blocks in Stars For Malcolm, will be arranged in a diamond…I think.

Other Projects: I have completed sewing the Grandmother’s Choice blocks into a top, but I haven’t photographed it yet.  I think this is because I am not sure about a border. I seem to lean towards the most complex borders imaginable, but, really, this is a block-of-the-month and not my original design.  Shouldn’t I make it easier on myself?

I’ve been noodling around with a very cool, geometrically based quilting pattern for Sunflower Lattice.  Notice, this is not on my Mid-Year’s resolution list…

Stars for Malcolm is on my design wall.  I am thinking of stopping with 16 Seven Sisters blocks and adding 12 applique blocks outside them with quarter Mariner’s Compass blocks in the corner.  Then I’ll think about borders.  Talk about over-complicating my life…

No progress at all on Xmas Dear Jane.  I haven’t looked at it at all.  Maybe having quilted the pillow sham pattern I’m testing, I’ll suddenly feel inspired to machine quilt it.  I’m not holding my breath.