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The second Aiming for Accuracy block.

The second Aiming for Accuracy block.

I really haven’t done much since my last post. It’s been hot and humid, making me cranky as all get-out.

I did manage to sew up the second Aiming for Accuracy block. The photo didn’t come out quite right since the tan squares are slightly more “orange-y” than they appear.

The dark brown print and the black are not Japanese prints. The black is just solid Kona black and the brown is something I bought as binding for Sunflower Lattice.  I hope I leave enough to do that!

Of the two Japanese prints, I was most worried about the metallic one.  It’s a HUGE print and I only got a Fat Quarter.  I love it and will miss it when it’s gone, so I had to struggle to cut it up and use it.

Between doing the sashing on Grandmother's Choice, setting the light table up for XMas DJ, I have no room

Trying to make the most of my work space

I have fabrics I will use down to the last threads and then (almost) grieve when there’s no more to be had. Then, I give myself a mental slap and say, “Fabric is meant to be USED.”

Am I the only one who feels like that?

Anyway, I’m working on a bunch of space-hogging projects at the moment. Between doing the sashing on Grandmother’s Choice, setting the light table up to finish marking the quilting motifs for the Xmas DJ, I have no room to store the larger blocks for Aiming for Accuracy.

This is the solution I came up with: skirt hangers!

I started hanging my drafting pad on one when I was working on Big Wheels. This kept it out of the “normal” clutter of all my drawing pads and near my sewing machine/drafting table.

I also use them to clip fabrics and patterns for clothes I intend to make. They hang up on the flat file near my drafting table, and. since the hook part swivels, I don’t even have to keep the doors of my flat file open.

Grandmother's Choice blocks with sashing.

Grandmother’s Choice blocks with sashing.

With the blocks for Aiming for Accuracy, I just hooked the skirt hanger for those blocks over the metal part of the skirt hanger for the drafting pad (since I don’t need the drafting pad as often I as I did when I was working on Big Wheels.)

Any garment sewing projects still need to be hanging on their own because of the length of the fabric, but until I have more blocks (or I finish the sashing for Grandmother’s Choice and I hang them up on the design wall), this is the way I’ll be storing them.

Hope everyone who had holidays, had good ones. My calendar doesn’t list them all, but I do know the Bon Festival is next weekend… no fireworks with that one, though (I think!)