Miko admires "In My Backyard."

Miko admires In My Backyard. Each row was done by a different quilter. Mine was the second from the bottom, the birdhouses I did in October.

Yes, I missed my posting deadline by a day.  It’s mostly because I lost track of the days, but  it’s also because, excited though I was about news to post, I never did get around to it yesterday.

Yes, good things are happening (and some not-so-good things, but let’s concentrate on the good stuff.)

Grandmother's Choice Block 36 (I think...I skipped one.)

Grandmother’s Choice Block 36 (I think…) I skipped one because I’m not fond of Sunbonnet Sue.

I went to my Guild meeting on Monday.  It was the big, end-of-the-Guild-year shindig where all the projects are revealed, the challenge winners are named, etc.

I didn’t enter any of the challenges (mostly because I couldn’t seem to actually FINISH anything this year), but I did get my Row Robin back.  Now all I have to do is decide if I want to add more rows, or just put a border on and quilt it as it is.

I also got asked to exhibit Learning Curve in A Quilter’s Sampler.  They haven’t had a show in connection with these classes/conference in a while, so it’s really an honor to be asked.

Grandmother's Choice, Block 38

Grandmother’s Choice, Block 38

Unfortunately, it also means writing.  I can’t just use the blurb I wrote for the original show I put it in or for Images.  They want me to add a bit more about my quilting skills and my association with my Guild. I started on it yesterday and I really, REALLY need an editor. It’s stream of consciousness to the extreme (and way too long!)

I also have to clean and prep Learning Curve again, which is not a hardship, but it’s really the first time I’ve taken it out since Dad’s death. I don’t know how I feel about that.

I’ve decided not to write the directions for Sunflower Lattice.  There’s just too much stuff I want/need to include and it would probably make it an entire book.  I may just write how to do the piecing, since it’s writing directions about the cutting that’s overwhelming me.

Since I took this picture a few days ago, Sunflower Lattice has grown to take up the entire design wall...and then some!

Since I took this picture a few days ago, Sunflower Lattice has grown to take up the entire design wall…and then some!

I’ve also decided to add the last row. so it’s back to being 20 blocks again.

At first, I thought that it would look nice with a thin yellow border and then a fatter one of sunflower fabrics, but after searching online for fabrics, I decided it would be better to go all the way to the edge with the blocks and just the bright yellow as the binding. That way I could legitimately use a pantograph and not have to worry about it “looking funny” in a border.

I went to the Brimfield antiques show last weekend, but didn't buy much.

I went to the Brimfield antiques shows last weekend, but didn’t buy much. These made me laugh, however. My friends on Facebook have been after me to find out the vendor/artist. If you know, please tell me so I can pass it on!

I got a double whammy of bad news, so I’m a little sad.  My mom is not feeling well and I can’t visit her until the middle of June. Luckily, she’s functional and got herself to the doctor, etc., but I know how fun being sick and being single is NOT.

The other new, of course, is the sudden death of our friend Phil. We’re going to his funeral in a bit and we’ll probably find out what happened there.

Of course, I have a sick sense of humor about everything and thought if there was a pot-luck gathering afterwards I should bring Swedish meat balls since Phil was totally into Ikea.