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The last of the Big Wheels blocks was paper-pieced,

The last of the Big Wheels blocks was paper-pieced,

One of the cool things I didn’t post last week was that I finished the center of the top of Big Wheels.

I think I left off with appliquéing down the Traditional Dresden Plate block and needed one more block, which I based on a paper-piecing pattern I found on the internet: Circle of Flying Geese.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I tried making it as it was drawn, but the result was too big for my circles.

So I redrew it.

I also “contained” the colors (since  one of the things I didn’t like the first time was the “scrappiness” of the background, which would have been okay if the “geese” had all been the same color to contrast with it.)

I don’t know where the drawing is going from here, probably to my friend, MaryAnn, since she asked and since I rarely make the same block twice (and if I need to, I can always redraft it.)

Big Wheels before the borders

The center of Big Wheels is completely pieced.  All I need to add is the borders.

Anyway, all the blocks are done, so I put them together.

I ended up with just enough of the tan to complete the sashing, and, actually, a 4″ x 10″ piece of the light green left over.

Then, I started mulling over the border. I can’t show my concept for the border because it’s still in the drawing/drafting stage, but, ultimately, the corners will be rounded and the stars on the edge of the sashing will be “completed.”

I’m still thinking that the blue block draws the eye a little too much, and the white is a bit stark (even though it’s a print.)

But, you know what?  I’m not going to take it apart and replace those blocks!

Other than finish the inside of Big Wheels, I did keep up with with Barbara Brackman’s Grandmother’s Choice. Here are the blocks:

Block 31 from Grandmother's Coice.

Block 31 from Grandmother’s Choice.

Block 32 from Grandmother's Choice.

Block 32 from Grandmother’s Choice.

Block 33 from Grandmother's Choice (backwards, as it turns out... I cut the block out from the back. *sigh*)

Block 33 from Grandmother’s Choice (backwards, as it turns out… I cut the block out from the back. *sigh*)