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This is bow block 10 of Big Wheels turned out. (Last week I posted the drawing I worked from.)

This is how block 10 of Big Wheels turned out. (Last week I posted the drawing I worked from.)

Remember how I told you I wasn’t going to buy any more fabric after the end of February?

Well, that didn’t work for me.  At the March meeting of my Quilt Guild, the stash of one of our members (now deceased) was being sold off with the proceeds being donated to several charities, including out Guild’s operating expenses.

I did not go crazy, but I did buy 3 pieces of yardage (total of about 10 yards.) This, of course, led to me contemplating my projects and realizing I haven’t actually finished anything so far this year.

Starina before the applique on the border was completed (early in 2011)

Starina before the applique on the border was completed (early in 2011)

Now, of course, I have what I call STAGE finishes (i.e. The Quilt That Shall Remain Nameless is in the finished top stage) but no new quilts lying on my bed (or anyone else’s.)

So, I’m going to take some of my new yardage, piece a back, and set Starina up for hand-quiltling.

The reason I decided to hand-quilt Starina is that each of those stars has a folded flower at the center, and each folded flower has a button in its center.  I figured I’d go insane trying to keep from running over a button with a sewing machine or a long-arm.

Now, this, of course, does not mean I am putting away any of my other projects.  I am still working on the last block and the applique for Big Wheels. I have even started the sashing (keep your fingers crossed that I have enough fabric to finish what I want to do with it!) I have done my Grandmother’s Choice blocks every week (although last week, I didn’t do the one on Barbara Brackman’s blog. I substituted a ship block which didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked.)

I should have chose a fabric more contrast for the sky.

I should have chosen a fabric more contrast for the sky when I made this block to substitute for week 29 of Grandmother’s Choice.

At the Guild meeting I got the Block of the Month (which is a pin wheel) and the Box Row Robin (paper-piecing this month…I am absolutely stumped on what to do.)

I also started a sashiko piece that I bought at the Guild sale (and, subsequently discovered I was doing it wrong…oh well, no one will ever know when I’ve finished and backed it.  Right?)

We’ve been having, what I now refer to as a “Festival of Medical Visits.”  Most of them are for Peggy, but I have one coming up and so does that might mouse hunter, Miko. I’ve scheduled one for each day, and we will be completely done by the 8th (I hope!)


Block 30 from Grandmother’s Choice.

Other than that, this week is when I finally sit down and do my taxes. I feel kind of guilty that I didn’t work on my jewelry business more last year, but I lost the entire month of December and didn’t “resurface” to consider anything until just this month. (I’m still trying to decide if I should reopen my etsy shop and sell the kanzashi I started working on late last year.)

I guess I’ll work off that guilty feeling by squeezing in some quilting!