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Block 3 of Big Wheels is done.  This means I'm "officially" a quarter of the way done with the blocks.

Block 3 of Big Wheels is done. This means I’m “officially” a quarter of the way done with the blocks.

As I mentioned when I posted last weekend, it was a traveling week for me and I really didn’t get much quilting in.

This is not to mean I didn’t do anything, it’s just that I forgot to bring my magnifying glasses and so I got almost no handwork done. (Although I did do a fair amount of reading.)

It was nice to see Mom again.  One of our “very loose agenda” items was to work on a blue and white Triple Irish Chain for my brother.  I don’t think I even set foot in Mom’s studio since I was kept busy with phone issues and computer issues and *gasp* actual sleep.

Block 24 of Grandmother's Choice.  Are we done yet?

Block 24 of Grandmother’s Choice. Are we done yet?

When I got back here, Peg had a bit of a health scare.  The friend who subs for me as Peg’s PCA is a paramedic and she was alarmed at some symptoms Peg was showing (shallowness of breath, queasiness, etc.) Basically, I had time enough to drop off my luggage and off we went to the doctor’s and then to the hospital for tests.  All negative, thank goodness!

So all the errands I had expected to run on Thursday afternoon got pushed to Friday.

The latest Grandmother's Choice block.  Once again, I'm up to date.

The latest Grandmother’s Choice block. Once again, I’m up to date. Yay!

I was able to squeeze some time in to visit my cousins (in town to attend a funeral, unfortunately.)  It was nice to see them all again, and meet the kids.  I wish it had been under happier circumstances, but after having it hit home just how short life is, I’ll take what I can get.

We were supposed to get more snow today and tomorrow, but it looks like that won’t happen (or at least it will only be a couple of inches.) If there is no snow at all, I might take the chance and snap a few pictures of The Quilt That Shall Remain Nameless from the back porch.

So, that’s my quick update. I should be able to get back on the Thursday schedule again this week. Maybe I’ll dust off one of my “quilts without borders” and see what I can do to get them to the “quiltable” stage.