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The second block in my Big Wheel quilt I've been calling "Bull's Eye." but I really don't know if it has a name.

The second block in my Big Wheel quilt I’ve been calling “Bull’s Eye.” but I really don’t know if it has a name.

I FINISHED The Quilt That Shall Remain Nameless!

Yes, you heard that correctly.  The top is done, the report is written, all I have to is scan the pages which need scanning and photograph the quilt. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to show it here until it’s published because it’s a test quilt.  So, probably July-ish (I think.)

The other reason for the no-show is that we got 24″ of snow and I usually take pictures of quilts on my back porch…which is under that 24″ of snow! Until I can find an alternate place to photograph the quilt, I can’t submit the report OR show it to anyone.  *sigh*

Other projects for the last couple of days included winding 10 bobbins, packing for my trip (tomorrow!), and, of course, designing and sewing on the Big Wheels quilt.


My second Orange Peel block is an improvement on my first!

I also have been working on Orange Peel blocks. I’ve got three done and I thought I’d share some observations:

  1. The arc on the sides of the Orange Peel block is part of a large circle.  I’ve been cutting them out using my Cut Around Tool, which makes it really easy to do.
  2. It’s MUCH easier sewing large circles (or arc thereof) that it is sewing itty, bitty 3″ diameter ones!)
  3. I found that cutting out the opposite sides of the blocks, sewing on the arcs, AND THEN cutting out the last two sides and sewing their pieces seems to keep the corners more stable. (Otherwise, you have little skinny corners which are on the bias.)
  4. Pressing the side pieces towards the side enables you to see the edge you will be sewing the adjacent side pieces to, so you can you can get the corners tight and pointy.

I’m sure that illustrations would make this clearer, but I hope the photo helps a little.

As I think I mentioned, I’ll be traveling this week, so I may not get a post up on Thursday.