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The first block in my new Big Wheels quilt is done.

The first block in my new Big Wheels quilt is done. (I left a lot of room around it for quilting!)

On Friday, through Saturday, we’re supposed to have 18″-24″ of snow dumped on us by a Nor’easter named Nemo. I’m rather looking forward to it.

It’s not that I’m a big fan of winter or snow, but since I don’t have to go anywhere and I don’t have to shovel anything (except to dig my car out afterwards), I’m cool with it.

I was joking with some of my friends that I’ve been laying on additional fabric to ride out the storm, but, in truth, I had been itching to go to The Fabric Place for a while now. I have given myself carte blanche to buy whatever fabric I want to until the end of February, and then I fall back into only buying what I need to complete existing projects.

The latest block in the Grandmother's Choice BotW.

The latest block in the Grandmother’s Choice BotW. I probably should have picked a higher contrast between the grey (center) and the white (“border”.)

So, what am I working on for Drop and Give Me 20?

  1. The second Big Wheels block will be a round “Bull’s Eye” block, which shouldn’t really take long.
  2. The Quilt That Shall Remain Nameless will be done by Monday. I have started putting on border 5, and have pieced border 7. Okay, so this is more of a “hope” that I’ll be done before I leave to visit my Mom on Monday. …But I am going to be stuck inside for a couple of days due to Nemo…
  3. A new Grandmother’s Choice block will be posted on Saturday.  I’m up to date, so I really don’t mind if I run a bit late with this one because of my trip.
  4. Prep Stars for Malcolm, this is the hand-piecing project I started in December.  I will be traveling, so I hope I can finish another block while I’m in Pittsburgh.

    As you can see, my Orange Peel technique needs some work.

    As you can see, my Orange Peel technique needs some work.

  5. The Orange Peels Project.  I have stumbled on a way to cut out Orange Peels blocks with the Cut Around Tool and I’m trying to “perfect” it.

    If you remember, I kind of object to “one trick wonder” tools because they tend to accumulate after I’ve made that one quilt that uses them. I can’t seem to get rid of them.

    Well, I bought the Cut Around Tool because I just had so much fun with it in the class I took with Valerie, but it is a “one trick wonder” tool, so I’ve been trying to find new uses for it.

    I noticed that the sides of the Orange Peel block are arcs of a circle, and I decided to experiment to see if cutting out the blocks would be easier with the tool.  It is, but I can’t really post a tutorial until my sewing of partial arcs improves.

So, that’s where I’m concentrating these days.  I feel kind of happy that I’m experimenting again (with both Big Wheels and the Orange Peel.) I think, maybe, the reason for not liking The Quilt That Shall Remain Nameless was because I made all the color decisions at the beginning and the design decisions were made by the pattern designer, so all it was from that point on was cut and cut and sew and sew…

I guess I prefer to be wholly engaged during the making of a quilt. Going scrappy to me means choosing fabric combinations all through the quilt assembly process even if the sewing is rote. I guess I missed that.