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I’m making a tiny bit of progress with The Quilt That Shall Remain Nameless. I am almost finished piecing the last two pieced borders (there are four borders left, two pieced and two plain.) Will I get this done by the February 10th due date?  It’s looking more hopeful now.

I am pretty sure I will finish the Grandmother’s Choice block of the week in a couple of days (BEFORE my regular post on Thursday!  Haven’t done that in a while.)

I’ve gotten one block done on my new project, tentatively dubbed Big Wheels after, you guessed it, a kid’s toy from my youth (I would like to point out that *I* did not have a Big Wheel, though.  I had a regular bike, but later.) It will have 12 different round blocks, starting with this first “Wagon Wheel.”

(I would post a picture of the first block, but my camera’s battery seems to have died and I need to recharge it.  You’ll have to wait for Thursday.)

The rest of the day I will be drafting my next Big Wheel block…unless I decide to the Dresden Plate, in which case I have templates already.

Oh and tomorrow is fabric shopping with Valerie at the Fabric Place… WITH a coupon.  Does it get any better?