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Miko has become quite attached to The Quilt Which Shall Remain Nameless.

Miko has become quite attached to The Quilt Which Shall Remain Nameless.

In preparation for February’s Drop and Give Me Twenty, I was looking at my list of unfinished projects. I have it in Excel so I can either be astonished at my boundless creativity or depressed at my inability to finish anything (sometimes both at the same time!)

As I wrote last week, I have become on friendlier terms with The Quilt Which Shall Remain Nameless, especially since I am back on track for getting it finished in the 8 weeks I was given to test it. I have some fabulous new yellows and therefore don’t resent the depletion of that area of my stash any more. Both Miko and my room-mate, Peg seem to like it. And I have given up  obsessing over every corner and point lining up exactly “right.”

After watching a free Craftsy class, I discovered I could easily finish this Grandmother's Choice block using machine applique.

After watching a free Craftsy class, I discovered I could easily finish this Grandmother’s Choice block using machine applique.

But now that I’ve got only a couple more borders to put on, I’m left with the dilemma of what to do next (“piecing edition”).

Before I took a break from making “my” quilts to test directions, I was working with circles and “odd angles.” I found myself drawing (on a napkin while waiting for lunch) a new “album” style quilt with different traditional circle designs: Dresden Plate, Wagon Wheel, New York Beauty, Wheel of Fortune, etc. (I probably could add Mariner’s Compass as well.)

With the overload of yellow and red from the quilt I’m testing and the blue/grey/yellows of my Grandmother’s Choice blocks, I think any new quilt will have to feature green heavily.

This Grandmother's Choice block means I'm totally caught up...for now.

This Grandmother’s Choice block means I’m totally caught up…for now.

On the other hand, before my father’s death and before I signed up for the test quilt, I had wanted to make a Japanese Lantern quilt using my Japanese fabrics. (I had seen one on Tim’s blog and was really drawn to it. The quilt in the link is similar, but I couldn’t figure out a way to link directly to Tim’s.)

And then there’s the 1000 pyramids quilts that I’ve been thinking about for years. (And you know how much I LOVE scrappy quilts!)

There are at least two quilts on my database that need borders, and at least two that I have all the blocks for but simply haven’t sewn them together (at least one of these was from a block exchange.) I want to work on something new, but maybe a better use of my time would be to finish these projects.

But then, would finishing those four quilts be as much fun as starting a new quilt? Would they just be projects to being my “to be quilted pile” back up to 20 tops?

I’m kind of stalled here. Anyone out there have any advice and what I should do next?

On the “other” other hand, January was a banner month for reading books. I finished 20 of them (admittedly 95% were on the Kindle and many were books I had read as a kid or what I term “comfort reads” (i.e. light, cozy mysteries with a healthy dose of either humor and/or romance.)