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The latest Grandmother's Choice block using House Mouse fabric in the center.

The latest Grandmother’s Choice block using House Mouse fabric in the center.

I have made progress this week on the quilt that I’ve been testing. I am now on the borders (the first of 8!) I am hoping that this “phase” will go faster than the center since the report is due in 2 weeks.

I was listening to Sandy’s Quilting for the Rest of Us podcast about mysteries and it seems what frustrates me about mystery quilts is also applicable to the quilt I am testing.

When I am testing quilting directions, I feel I have to actually do the quilt the way the directions are written.  Where I would ordinarily consider piecing one say, say paper foundation piecing for accuracy, I have to sew the pieces together and hope I’ve cut and sewing exactly right and that any bias is not going to shift on me.

Work on the quilt I"m testing will speed up now that I'm on the borders (I hope!)

Work on the quilt I”m testing will speed up now that I’m on the borders (I hope!)

I also have to pick the fabrics in advance and stick to that choice for the duration (instead of changing up if I think it needs a kick here, or some subduing there.)

These are kind of the quibbles that Sandy voiced on her podcast about doing the mystery quilt she recently finished. Glad to know I’m not alone (and also that I would have to fight those feelings if I signed up for a mystery quilt!)

I have started replacing the yellow fabric I used up.

I have started replacing the yellow fabric I used up while testing the quilt pattern directions. These came from Red Barn (in person!) in Merrimac, MA.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I have run down the yellows and neutrals in my stash. Since it is winter and I am able to make all sorts of excuses not to go out, I thought I’d just suck it up and buy fabric online.

Up to this point, I haven’t been doing much poking around on the fabric web sites because I had dial up and waiting for fabric to load was just agonizingly slow.  I had bought fabric online usually wide backings for quilts I was working on with the long arm. (The options being limited, those pages took far less time to load.)

However, since I was on a quest for yellows and neutrals, and now that I have DSL, I figured the time was right to check out shopping online.

I had a lot of fun looking at Fabric.com and The Fat Quarter Shop.  I amassed $100+ at both in just yellows and neutrals, but found I could not click the “check out” button at either.  I even tried Keepsake Quilting which I have done mail order with for decades (and even visited a hand full of times.)

No dice.

I think I’m just the kind of person who has to see and fondle fabric before she plunks down her hard won cash.  Good thing I live in New England and have many quilt shops within reasonable driving distance.

One last note: February is coming up, so if you’re up for Beth’s “Drop and Give Me 20”, you can click the logo to the left and sign up to (possibly) win prizes and (definitely) get some work done on your UFOs and WIPs.