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First finished project of 2012: Spud Ball (for my friends’ cats who are known, collectively, as “the Spuds.”

While I feel I’ve stretched myself creatively in 2012, I don’t think I was as prolific as I wanted to be.

I started out in January with the aim of completing 12 projects in 2012. I had envisioned them as quilts of various sizes, thinking that since I have about 20 tops, I could definitely get one quilted every month.

Obviously, that didn’t happen. My first finish of the year was a puzzle ball from Jinny Beyer‘s book: Patchwork Puzzle Balls. I’ve made a few of these over the years including several with folded flowers incorporated.

I thought this pattern was released, but I can't find it on her web site.

I thought this pattern was released, but I can’t find it on her web site.

My next two projects the Turtle Cosmetic Bag and some block’s testing the EvaPaige Quilt Designs Wheels Block.

That was January, so I figured I’d easily complete 12 projects…

No stress for February, and I didn’t get any projects completed, so I made a push to work in March, and got two actual quilts completed: one on the long arm and one on the DSM.


The first quilt I ever started: RequiesCAT

RequiesCAT was a quilt I started in the mid-1980s. I had wanted a Double Wedding Ring with a dark background because, at that time, I had a black cat and I thought having a light background and 30/40s fabric would show too much cat hair. (The full title of the quilt is actually “Requiescat in Pace, Pyewacket.”)

March was also the month I learned how to use the long-arm.  My friends, Cricket and Jeff have a Gammill in their basement, and I was able to use the pattern boards to complete Topsy Turvy Nine Patches.

Java Jive was another long-arm quilted quilt. I used a paper pantograph for the first time and it was not as easy as the pattern boards. I also had problems choosing thread that wouldn’t show in one area and disappear in another.  It’s not something I thought about because on a Domestic Sewing Machine (DSM), I usually quilt block by block.

I turned practice machine quilting samples into these pillows.

I turned practice machine quilting samples into these pillows.

As you can see, up to July, I was on track, but August I was feeling the pinch and trotted out a couple of “almost finished” projects that were not actual quilts so I could “keep up.”

The other July finish was Kris’ Tea Cosy. I still love mine and I hope Kris loves hers as well.

September and October were months that passed without finishes. I was too busy being excited with Daystars and Oldies to move from my piecing machine to my quilting machine.

One of Six place mats I made for my family

One of six place mats I made for my family

I did finish Spring Fling in November before my Dad got sick. I also completed all six place mats, but, alas, my Dad did not get to use one.  I was trying to get at least one done in time, but that just didn’t happen.

So, unless you count each pillow and each place mat, I really didn’t feel as if I met the “12 in 2012 Challenge from the mailing list.

Tiny knitted mouse for my friend, Cricket.

Tiny knitted mouse for my friend, Cricket.

Of course, I did other projects, including the kanzashi pins, and some tiny knitted projects (two of which were mice.

I also made a Kindle cover for the Kindle my Dad used (and which is now mine.) It’s nothing fancy and uses pre-quilted material.

So, maybe I won’t push myself to do “A Baker’s Dozen in 2013.”  I think I’m happiest when my quilting goal is merely “to finish more projects than I start.”

Have a great New Year’s everyone!