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I have an unexpected trip coming up next week, so I am working on getting small projects together for which I won’t need my studio (such as it is.)

My first project is to finish the place mats I promised my mother.  I’ve got four done.

The other two are really close (one has one more seam and the other I have to insert the circles.)

Unfortunately, I need a machine for these, so I am going to sandwich them and take them along in the hopes that I can use my mother’s machine without either of us breaking down.

…And, of course, I will be continuing with Barbara Brackman’s Block of the Week: Grandmother’s Choice.

I have a number of applique projects I am taking.  I have two Dear Jane triangles for the Christmas Dear Jane project that I have had prepped for a while (and found a little over a week ago.)  I may cut out another one.

Finishing Spring Fling has got me up for completing the other Dear Jane swap quilt and for that I need 14 of the outside triangles…I think. I may change the layout again, though.

Applique is a great take along, and I will also have my Fallingwater Block with me.  I really only have the black frame and some embroidery left on it. Unfortunately, I suspect I won’t feel like working on it during my trip.  I think applique might require too much concentration.

This Seven Sisters quilt appears on Linda Franz’ Inklingo blog.

So, I am starting a new project…a hand-pieced project: Seven Sisters.  It will be scrappy in that the stars will all have two different fabrics in them (unlike the picture.)

I’m planning on using a black background so make it more like stars in a night sky.

I think this will be a good traveling project because the pieces are fairly small and I can cut and pre-mark everything. Plus, hand-piecing is great when you have limited space (like in an airplane.)