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Spring Fling is finally quilted and bound. The blocks came from a Dear Jane swap around 2002.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the United States.  I hope everyone had a good holiday.

Mine wasn’t and then was, and really wasn’t.  I had bad news about the health of one of my family members, and to keep from dwelling on it (especially since there was nothing I could do), I went to dinner, as planned, at the home of some friends. It got me over the shock of receiving the news, but the news and the troubles are still there.

I am struggling to stay positive.

The bad news and my reaction to it has also made me introspective.

When I am knocked off my balance, it turns out that I reach for fabric. I sew two pieces together, press them open, and add another. I find this very centering and calming.

One of six “spontaneous” place mats I’m making for my mother.

In times like these, it’s not the product that matters, it’s the softness of the fabric, the brightness of the colors, the gentle thwock-thwock of the machine needle…

(Well, maybe that needle shouldn’t be thwocking… I guess I should change that!)

I think the act of quilting, especially in times of trouble and worry gives me some small measure of control. It takes me out of myself, away from my worries and problems into a place where I know what to do, or if I don’t, I know I can figure it out.

It’s a lot less scary a place than a hospital.  The decisions I make are a lot less important than deciding upon treatment options. There is a definite and immediate cause and effect to my choices of fabric and thread, patterns and construction methods. Those choices can’t hurt and can almost always be undone.

It’s easier to stay positive, centered, and emotionally generous when I’m quilting. In the end, I think it gives me the “space” I need to just to “be.”