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Miko helping me finish Spring Fling by working with the measuring tape.

Another week of keeping to my plan to finish projects rather than simply start new ones and I have actual progress to report!

I have finally finished the quilting on Spring Fling. I am now hand-sewing the bias binding on the curves. Not sure why I decided I needed a wavy border, and I’m not sure I’d do it again, but it’s looking pretty nice.

I ended up cutting double the amount of binding I’d need if the quilt had a straight edge, but that seems to have been the right amount.  I don’t know if I’d take that as a rule of thumb, for this kind of border.  I also don’t know if a traditional scallop would use the same amount or more.

The first of six place mats for my mother is pieced. They will not all be the same, but they will coordinate.

I also finished one place mat (of six) for my mom. I will probably quilt them with a random spiral design and no batting.

It’s funny, because I had originally planned this to be a fast project, but between string piecing and cutting out and sewing the circles (and parts thereof), I don’t think it qualifies as “quick” any longer.

And my box of strips still has not decreased even a little.  I think they breed at night.

About half of these kanzashi flowers are made from old kimono fabric. Most will end up as pins or (as is traditional) hair ornaments.

I am also prepping for some holiday sales for Piece by Piece Jewelry. A new offering will be kanzashi flowers. I made the first couple in cotton, but once I understood the “feel” of petal making, I used silk from old kimonos that I had bought on eBay.

The centers are vintage buttons I had initially collected for Grandma Anna’s Flower Garden. As the flowers don’t take as much fabric as I had first thought, and I have lots of buttons, I may be making these for a while. I’m thinking of making more red ones with beaded centers to look like poinsettia flowers for the holidays.

I have one more border to go on Oldies (although this photo shows it before I put the third one on.

My various Blocks of the Week/Month are fighting me, for instance the  Grandmother’s Choice by Barbara Brackman is not going together smoothly. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to “unsew” on this block. I probably won’t have a picture of it until next week.

I have finished putting the third border on Oldies.  Just one more to go and I can “retire” this quilt top while contemplating how to quilt it.

So. as you can see, I have made progress this week, just not as much as I would have liked.