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Featherstorm by Rose Orr. I love the “deconstructionist” look of this Storm at Sea quilt.

Last Friday I went, with a friend (Hi, Valerie!) to the Quilters’ Gathering show.

I like the Quilters’ Gathering show, which is usually really close to me in Nashua, but has been moved to Manchester (at least for this year.) It has a sort of “just us” vibe like the local shows, but, “wow” in terms of skill level. It also allows me to see trends in our local and regional quilting.

This year, I noticed that quite of few of the quilts are ones I had seen in other shows.  I don’t know if that’s because I’ve gotten out to more shows, or it’s just a trend to enter quilts in more than one or two shows.

Another trend I noticed was an increase in “whole cloth” quilts.  I think this is great because it really allows “virtuoso” quilting without apology.

Spring Fling was “sandwiched” on my wall because I have no floor space big enough in my apartment.

What I take away from quilt shows varies. Some times I come away depressed with my own skills and my own lack of ideas, thinking I should be better at what I do.

Some times, I am motivated to incorporate one or two ideas that I’ve seen into something that I am working on.

Some times I even feel better about my own quilts because I’ve decided I like what I am doing more than what I have seen in the show.

This time I came away inspired to finish my current DSM quilting project, Spring Fling.

Spring Fling is a product of several swaps I participated in when I was on the Dear Jane mailing list. I used a “zig-zag” sashing and finally marked and sandwiched it in April 2012.

I worked on it diligently for a while, but I just sort of stopped in the middle of the summer.  I’m not sure why. I think it may be because I was tired of having my machine set up in the middle of my apartment (since I can’t machine quilt in my “normal quilting place.) I stopped with only two more blocks to machine quilt.

I finally put up my go-to machine for quilting again so I can work on Spring Fling.

So, after visiting A Quilters’ Gathering, I decided I needed to start quilting rather than piecing. And quilting on my Singer rather than Cricket’s long arm.

I guess the major inspiration I got from this show was to actually sit down and start to “do it” again.

I hope to have this one finished by the end of the year.  Valerie’s already prodding to get me to enter it somewhere, but I’m happy just displaying my stuff in the local Guild show, possibly inspiring my local quilt buds.