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Sorry I missed posting on Thursday, but I’m fighting off a cold and I really haven’t done much new in terms of quilting, so this will be a short post.

I have done some sewing, though.

First of all, I’ve finally fixed the hat for this bear.  She’s only been waiting a year. My first excuse was that I needed some elastic. Then, I lost said elastic. Then I lost her hat!

Finally, I managed to get the hat and the elastic in the same place at the same time (with white thread on the machine and. voila, she’s got her hat back.

The other major project I am working on (almost finished!) is recovering my dining chairs.

Fabric for my dining chairs

I have Fiestaware, so my entire apartment is eclectic and “coordinated but mismatching.”

Last time I recovered the chairs (about the time I moved in here — 13 years ago or so) I bought fabric on sale, not realizing it was double the width I had expected it to be.

It was plaid and I used it everywhere. I was so sick of that fabric that this time, I swore I’d do something different. This is the main reason each chair has its own fabric.

I probably should have straightened things up a bit before I took the picture, eh?

I’ve managed to finish three of them. The fourth is actually pinned against the wall, so it probably won’t get done until after Thanksgiving.

So, only one more bit of that plaid fabric is left (not the same plaid as the tablecloth…which reminds me, I need to change that!) So glad to get rid of it.

Other than that, I’m writing up the instructions on how to make the bird house block, working on the borders for Oldies (which had stumped me for a while), and cleared off my back porch in preparation for Sandy.

I did not do Barbara Brackman’s Grandmother’s Choice block last week, because it felt redundant.  I had planned on “up-sizing” a Dear Jane block, but, even though I drafted it, it did not get made.

So. that’s it for this week. I hope to post again on Thursday and actually have interesting quilt-related stuff to share.