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Catherine Wheels won Viewer’s Choice at my Guild’s last quilt show.

Once upon a time, while I was going through some of my mother’s old quilting magazines, I happened across a Hexagon Whirligig quilt using 30s fabric (probably repros) on muslin.

There was no pattern in the magazine, so I took a copy of the cover with the quilt on it and brought it home.  I taped it up next to my quilting area to contemplate how it was made.

Eventually, I figured it out and Catherine Wheels is the result. (I have to admit that the only reason it has a blue background is that it was the only fabric I had enough of. )

The quilt was so much fun to make that when one of my nearby quilting shops was moving (Quilter’s Way, now in Acton) and they put lots of their fabric on sale, Peg convinced me I needed to make another Hexagon Whirligig quilt, this time with a light background.

Daystars is finally a completed top

So I bought three yards of a mottled, pink/green background and started to work similarly: one star a day until I had enough.

However, since I never can seem to make the same quilt twice, Daystars turned out more square than Catherine Wheels.

The biggest difference (other than the background color), however, was that I ran out of fabric.

I only needed a 6″ x 14″ piece to make the borders the same as Daystars, but none was to be found.

Finally, I hit on the idea of making “cornerstones” in the outside corners, and with using the last of the background fabric to make the stars inside those cornerstones, I finished the quilt top AND the background fabric (actually I think I might have a 2.5″x 12″ strip of it somewhere…)

Now, however, my idea of quilting it the same way has vanished, and it seems that I “need” to quilt the border differently than the center.  But, that’s a topic for another day…