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My mother’s Mariner’s Compass is on her bed with a vintage applique quilt she hung at the head of her bed.

Hi all.  Sorry no update last week, but I was in transit to visit my folks in Western Pennsylvania.

I grew up in Pittsburgh (in fact, my parents still live in the house we moved to when I was 2) and I love it there.  I even went to school there (Carnegie Mellon University.)

However, I’m kind of a nervous traveler, especially when I’m not the one doing the flying myself. I brought lots of projects, but did very little on the trip itself.

Barbara Brackman’s Grandmother’s Choice Kansas Sunflower block.

I did finish both Barbara Brackman’s Suffrage blocks while I was there. The first, the Sunflower block, I cut and marked for hand-piecing. I figured it was complex enough that I would probably have opted to hand-piece it even if I wasn’t traveling.

I wasn’t happy with the center, though. Looking at it in person (instead of in this scan) the center is NOT round, but kind of a polygon.

However, I don’t hate it enough to take it apart, especially since there are soooo many seams.

Barbara Brackman’s New Jersey block

Since I stayed over a Saturday, I got to piece the next block as well. I used my mother’s fabric stash and her Bernina as well.

Since I routinely switch between a Singer SewMate and a Singer Merritt, I never really thought I would have any trouble sewing on another machine, but, for some reason, I was a total klutz on the Bernina.  I couldn’t get a consistent seam line (let along a scant quarter-inch!) I know I will have to watch out for the corners when I put this block into the quilt since they are not consistently 1/4″ from the edges.

Mom’s quilt for Dad’s bed uses a “cheater” applique border for the outside.

And that was the extent of my quilting over the week. Mom and I did discuss the quilt she will be making for my brother (and that I will quilt on Cricket’s long-arm.)

I took pictures of several of her quilts, although I didn’t dig very deeply into the closet.  I think I’ll do that when I visit again in the Spring.  It’s nice getting the stories behind the quilts as well as the pictures.

I did some computer instruction and tech writing so Mom can unload her camera herself instead of waiting for my brother or I (or even Dad…I guess he’s the last resort!) to do it for her. I think I even put a link to this blog for her.  Maybe she’ll become one of my readers!