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Ed likes Fall, too. To him, it means more quilts to sleep on!

I think Fall may be my favorite time of year. I don’t like the heat and humidity of Summer (and I doubt I could survive it farther south than New Jersey!)

The last Brimfield has passed for the year, the first Quilters’ Guild meeting has not happened yet, and now I get to take stock of what I want to get done before the end of the year.

Well, of course, there’s Oldies.  I’ve finished the octagon blocks and the square inset blocks, but I still have some 4-patch circles left over.

At this point, I’m planning on making it 6 x 4 (54″ x 81″ before I start on the borders.) I had planned on doing it 5×5, but decided I really didn’t want another square quilt, so I have one octagon “left over.” Maybe I’ll use the left over blocks to make a wall hanging.

Four Oldies octagons with insets on my design wall.

Much as I’m resistant to “making the same quilt twice.” I think I’m even more averse to “wasting” fabric and blocks.  Oh well, it’s not like I have to make a decision right away.

Before anything else, though, I really must finish quilting Spring Fling. It’s been “under the needle” (so to speak) for the entire Summer. I had wanted to finish it for Show & Tell at my September Guild meeting, and I probably could finish it in two weeks if I don’t shilly-shally, but I’m just not “into” machine quilt at the moment.

Spring Fling as it was being sandwiched for quilting….too many months ago

I am into piecing, and have started Barbara Brackman’s Block of the Week celebrating Women’s Suffrage. She’s calling it “Grandmother’s Choice.”

This is actually something I feel strongly about, especially with the political horror show that is enacting itself daily on television. I thought we fought and won these battles long ago, and now everything is up for grabs again??

Well, I can just hope that the news is making it appear worse than it is.

The first Grandmother’s Choice block

I’ve chosen to do my blocks in blues and golds with white-on-whites as the background.

My second block for GC.

I know that I’ll probably only be able to keep up with this BotW for about 6 months because that’s how long I managed to stay with the Civil War BotW. I have put that one together, but I haven’t decided what to do about the borders or the quilting.

In fact, I used the same “streak of lightning” set I used for Spring Fling (although I don’t think you can really see it in the picture because I had to take it at an angle, and the blocks are small.)

I hand-pieced My Heart is in the Work during my move from Malden to Lowell

But, what I really want to sink my teeth into (or, more correctly, my needle) is my “Dear Jane” quilt: My Heart is in the Work. I’ve been thinking about it for some time.  It has to be hand-quilted because I hand-pieced it and I think it would be a shame to machine quilt it after all that time.

What brings it up, of course, it that I was piecing it during the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. I had kept a sort of “diary” (I didn’t have a blog back then) with comments on the design decisions I made about the blocks, fabric, and other stuff.

It’s on a commercial site and I always think about moving it, but I never get around to it.  Well, I’m sure you’ll hear more about that in the days ahead.  And this post is getting long and rambly…