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Sorry I’m late with my posting this week.  My mind was on vacation. Sort of. Actually, on Thursday (my usual posting day), I was too focused on trying my act together to go to Brimfield and distracted to actually write anything coherent.

Those of you who don’t live in New England (or somewhat close to Massachusetts) probably don’t know the pleasures of Brimfield.

An unusual single Wedding Ring quilt was just hanging on a clothesline.

Three times a year (for about a  week each time), there is a gigantic antiques/collectables/flea market kind of thing in the town of Brimfield, Mass. The (former) farms up and down Rt 20 host dealers from all over in their fields and you can get anything from wrought iron gates and amusement park ride cars to beads and fabric and clothing and furniture and dishes and pretty much everything in between.

When I first started going (over 10 years ago), I was a rabid buyer of anything that caught my attention.  I was not actually a savvy negotiator, so the dealers probably saw me coming and jacked up their prices.

These days, my apartment is filled to the brim with Fiestaware (both vintage and modern), Amethyst Moderntone and too much vintage fabric.  I was well-behaved on this trip because I had a bit of trouble with the heat, so I couldn’t walk around more than four or so hours.

The silk fabric I ordered from kimonokyotojapan on eBay came in the mail.

I didn’t even find any fabric I was tempted to buy (although there were some tablecloths what were whispering my name…)

I had actually planned on looking for cheap silk scarves to cut up for my kanzashi experiments, but the  kimono sleeve silk fabrics I order on eBay came in the mail the day before. Unfortunately, looking at the pieces in their entirety, I’m not sure I can cut these up (especially the pink one which looks like the flowers are painted on it.)

Almost almost all the blocks are done for Oldies.

And just so you’re not tempted to think I’ve been slacking the quilting department, I have been working, just not as diligently as I usually do.

I have all the inner borders for Daystars sewn on, and am hoping I have enough fabric left over to do the wider border as planned…it might not be as wide as I originally thought since I only have a yard left. (The fabric is Pacific Rim by Jinny Beyer, but the selvage says it was printed in 2009, so I’m not sure there’s any more to be had out there. Keep your fingers crossed for me!)

I am pretty much done with the blocks for Oldies and have started sewing the octagonal rings around them “record” blocks.

The last border of Too Many 2s may be done, as well.  I have to a couple more seams and then I can attach it!

So, I will try to write again on Thursday (a mere four days away) so I can get on track, but I may not have much to say then. *sigh*