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I turned practice machine quilting samples into these pillows. I wish the quilting showed better in the photograph!

My hypoT brain fog has set in and I can’t seem to figure out what I’m working on since I finished Spirographology as a top, so I guess a review of my projects is in order.

On my Excel spreadsheet, I always start out my list with what I’ve finished this year. I have seven completed projects (8 if you count each pillow as a separate project, which I didn’t.) I am trying to get 12 projects done this year, which is hard for me given my penchant for bed-sized quilts.

Sandwiching Spring Fling on the wall before quilting

I currently have 25 other projects “on the books.”

With Spiro whole, 14 of my projects are completed quilt tops. I include in this count Spring Fling and DNA1 which are being (or going to be imminently) quilted, but not the smaller projects like the house tea cosy, (I really have to unbury that one!)

Five projects need borders.  Well…Fan Dance may need to be taken totally apart because I didn’t like the way it turned out when I got the whole thing together. It was bigger than my design wall, and I have to come up with some way of laying out bigger quilts given my space limitations.

I really don’t love this layout for Fan Dance. I may have to take it apart and try something else.

I have two applique projects in progress. These are single blocks which I pull out and work on whenever I need a handwork project. One will probably end up a pillow and the other is the Fallingwater block for my mother’s Baltimore Album-esque quilt tentatively called Pennsylvania Album.

I have two current projects that are “in pieces”: Daystars and Oldies. (I’ve blogged about these recently.) The other projects on my list are two sets of block from my Guild’s box block exchange: In Full Bloom and Have a Cuppa. I’m still trying to decide what to do with them.

Have A Cuppa block. I have 8 blocks. I need to decide on a layout so I know if I need to make more blocks!

So my priority projects as of now are: Daystars, Oldies, Spring Fling (I’ve stalled on the quilting, but I should take it up again.) the House tea cosy (a present for a friend, so I’ve really got to move on it), and DNA1 (prepped for the long arm, but I haven’t taken it over there yet.)  Five is about all I can work on at once without being too confused.

What are you up to?