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I finished Spirographology this week! As I was sewing on the final borders, I reflected on how I ended up with this HUGE “interesting” quilt.

The black and white fabric, and the grays I was originally going to use on this quilt

When I started it, Spiro was supposed to be a “quick and dirty,” SIMPLE, “stack n whack” featuring a black and white fabric. My original thought was to take the featured fabric, put gray triangles between hexes (like the purple fabric in the header photo of this blog.)

I was going to “toss” some solid, bright hexagons in here and there, and, after quilting, applique some folded flower hexagons.

But when I got enough up on the design wall to see what I was doing, it looked BORING.

Stack n Whack hexagons are pretty mindless for me after the triangles have been cut out.

So, I fell back on my Primary Quilting Mantra: When in doubt, add more fabric!  In this case, a “layer cake” of batiks that had been sitting around “gathering dust.”

But, I couldn’t add them the “easy” way: strip them around the hexagons and make bigger gray triangles.  No, I had to turn them into 9-patches and use the hexagons as the centers for a Jack’s Chain.

And let me tell you, those batik squares may LOOK like a “regular” size, but they are 1-3/8″ (finished) to fit in with the hexes. And I had to draft them to find this out.  So, I’ve been hanging out in “eighths-land” for the past several months. Better than 16ths-land, I guess.

Things I learned:

…Now all I have to do is figure out how to quilt it!

You can’t “chunk” a Jack’s Chain.  You really have to just suck it up and sew it in strips, because, while there are no straight seams anywhere, vertical seams that are “more straight” than horizontal ones.

Making a quilt that is bigger than one’s design wall leads to heartache and despair (Ok, that’s a slight exaggeration. However, I would have arranged some of the hexes so that they were not near other hexes stack n whack’d from a similar part of the fabric.)

I am probably going to have to have “When in Doubt, Add More Fabric” engraved on my tombstone…assuming I have a tombstone, and someone doesn’t just toss my ashes some place nice and serene, like into the sea off of Gloucester, Mass.

I have absolutely no idea of how I’m going to quilt this…