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All kinds of dotted fabrics went into Got Dots.

…First there was Got Dots.

I woke up one morning and thought: “Wouldn’t it be funny to make a Drunkard’s Path quilt out of dotted fabrics?”

When I mentioned this to various people (some quilters, some not), it was obvious that the skeptical ones were envisioning swiss dots, or some other “regular” pattern of dots in all the blocks. Which was not my intent.

I had noticed my increased attraction to fabric with dots in them and decided that it was time to use said fabric in a quilt.

Thus Got Dots.

The inside circles of the black fabric are the perfect size for the center yo-yos.

…Then there was Oldies.

When you make Drunkard’s Path blocks, there are always leftover “quarter pies” because the inside quarter circle you cut out of the square part of the Drunkard’s Path block is smaller than the quarter circle you are sewing into it, therefore, you can’t use those quarter circles in your quilt.

So, I sewed them together in fours and put them aside until I could cut them into square 4-patches… which I never did.

But I did get a hankering to sew circles.

Lots of circles.

So Oldies was “born.”

What should I do with the bigger circles?

…But now I have left over leftovers.  The inner circles from the music fabric which the “records” in Oldies are sewn into are perfectly fine fabric. Normally, I would cut it into whichever sized square fit and throw it in my “squares to be used later” box.

But isn’t that a waste of fabric?  Right now there are 15 of them. There may be as many as 25 when I’m done. I should be able to do something with them!

But, if you think about it, cutting a square block to set the circles into will only produce more circles. Will this never end?