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serendipity: noun: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

I took a class at the Cambridge Quilt Shop with a friend of mine.  I don’t usually take quilting classes (I seem to learn best out of books) but this one needed one more person or it would have been cancelled, and I had expressed an interest in getting better at piecing curves by machine.

The class was good although I had heard most of the advice before in various places (you know, quilters talk.) Best of all, I was actually forced to sit down and follow it. AND I was “introduced” to a new tool: The Cut A Round Tool by Phillips Fiber Arts.

Even though I try to resist buying “one-trick pony” kinds of tools, I craved this one. The only reason I didn’t buy it then was because the shop didn’t have it in stock. After a month of telling myself that I did not need any new tools, I eventually hunted one down at the Vermont Quilt Festival (so much for my strength of character!)

I used leftovers from this quilt: Got Dots

I had (mostly) finished a Drunkard’s Path top a couple of months before (before the tool and, actually, before the class.) I had bunches leftover “quarter pie” pieces which I had sewn together in 4s. The plan was to cut them into 4-patches for something, but now… I had this tool, and wouldn’t it be cool to inset them as circles into a block?

Since I had a lot of black fabric, I used black (yes, this really was my rationale.) It was an experiment, and if it didn’t work out, I hadn’t used up fabric that couldn’t be replaced. I thought I’d make an 8″ block.

After setting in the 4-patch circles, I had another thought: wouldn’t it be even cooler if the black could itself be pieced into a larger block?

I cut the black in a circle as big as I could. With a black yo-yos I had made for Brimfield Star (and then abandoned) put in the center, all I could think of was that it looked like those old 45 rpm records we used to buy as “singles” before iTunes.

It just made me laugh, and Peggy suggested I should make an entire quilt of them and call it Oldies.  Thus a concept was born.

Spirographology is what I should be working on!

It should have stayed in the conceptual stage until I finished my current piecing project: Spirographology, but it kept nagging at me.  I made a second “45”, and started drafting a Wedding Ring Tile setting for them.

Still it was not really a “Quilt in My Mind” until, when I was looking for yardage for the backing of yet another project, I found a black and white fabric with musical notes that would be PERFECT for Oldies.  I had got it from the Guild’s UFO Auction about 3 years ago. (I was actually bidding on something else, but it was in the same pile.)

So, Oldies is trying to come out, even though I want to concentrate on Spirographology.  We’ll see how long I can hold out. I’m sure there’s more serendipity in store for this quilt!