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I quilt every day, even if it’s only for 5 minutes (although, it’s usually for 15-20.) I think it keeps me relatively sane, and I know it makes me fit to interact with the rest of the human race.

Now, I know what you’re going to say: “It must be nice to have a studio to go sew in.”

And it must.  But I don’t.  That’s my sewing area up above.  It’s also my drawing area, bill-paying area, and folding-the-laundry area. It’s in my bedroom, so much for romance! (For the record, I usually make the jewelry on the kitchen table.)

Or, you might be thinking: “Well, it’d take me MORE than 15 minutes to set everything up.”

But, you see, you don’t need to set EVERYTHING up.

Break your project into tasks and, if those tasks are too long, break them into smaller tasks. Set up only what you need to do those tasks.

For instance.  Haul your cutting board out with your straight edge and cutter.  How long did that take?  If you’ve stored everything together or close to each other, it shouldn’t have taken much time. Now, spend 5 minutes cutting.

If it took you five minutes to set up your cutting stuff, five minutes to cut, and five minutes to put it away. That’s your 15 minutes of sewing.

Next time spend your 15 minutes putting together the pieces to be sewn.  Then set them aside ( maybe in their own special box.)

Then, maybe it’s time to pull out your sewing machine and 5 minutes sewing.

Then 5 minutes pressing.

If it doesn’t take you 5 minutes to set up/ put away, use that extra time to cut or sew or press, or organize.

This is how I sewed Catherine Wheels.

I cut strips from the fabrics I wanted to use.  Then, I cut the triangles and the bases.  I grouped them together and put them in a tin. When I had enough to sew. I sewed them in groups of 5 stars. Each day. One day pressing. One day sewing.

Eventually, I had enough for the whole quilt but it didn’t happen overnight and I didn’t have to carve out a huge amount of time to get it done.

Now, I have to admit that some days I did more than 5 minutes of work on Catherine Wheels, but I always did AT LEAST 5 minutes. And now it’s done.