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Edison with fabricI have been quilting for more than 20 years, almost as long as I’ve been on the Internet (remember USENET? No, of course you don’t!).

I have always had quilting cats, so this blog will probably feature them at some time or another.  Originally, I had Pyewacket (a.k.a. The Wacket), then Rumor (Ruey), and finally, now, I have Ed (pictured above) and Miko (in training, therefore NOT allowed near fabric and thread yet.)

I applique by hand (usually), piece by machine (usually), and have recently been learning to quilt on a huge longarm machine owned by my friends and nicknamed “the Beast.”

Topsy Turvy Nine PatchesHere’s my first quilt I finished on the longarm: Topsy Turvy Nine Patches.

I used a “Baptist Fan” pattern board with the stylus, really the easiest way to get used to moving the Beast around. I used a rather thick multicolor thread which you can ALMOST see in the picture.  In “real life” it works well with the many colored patches to tie the whole quilt together.

Since this blog is about my musing on thread and fabric, I’m sure I’ll be letting you know about my current projects and ideas for the future in the upcoming posts.

Until then, “hello, world!”