Looking Forward, Looking Back


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Rumi is fast becoming an integral part of the family... though mostly in an advisory role.

Rumi is fast becoming an integral part of the family… though mostly in an advisory role.

I finally got all the furniture back in the living area (from my bedroom) and all of the boxes unpacked after the flood.  The reason it took so long was I was trying to get rid of some of my stuff, and I did get give away quite a few books.

More are still to go, though, including about 3/4 of my “library” of flying books. I miss flying, but it’s unlikely I’ll be able to afford to return to it more than occasionally any time soon, and I figured I’d be better served searching for what I need to know online. It’s sad to give up the hope of getting my instrument rating, but it’s kind of cool to be able to say “I’m a pilot” even though I don’t fly anymore except as a passenger.

Yesterday was my Guild Holiday party and I’m in a pensive mood.

I got to talk to people I haven’t seen in a while, and it was announced that I’m featured in the “Member Showcase” in February.

Now, I haven’t been quiet about the Member Showcase.  I didn’t know it was a secret, but I was still gratified that people applauded and looked happy that I was scheduled to do it.

Now to get serious and work on my list of quilts.

Chrissy and I share an "unfortunate" addiction to all things "Hello Kitty."

Chrissy and I share an “unfortunate” addiction to all things “Hello Kitty.”

I didn’t get to talk much to my friends Chrissy and Susan, whom I rarely actually see but keep up with on Facebook. It was nice to touch base and see them looking happy and well. With all our allergies and sensitivities, we swap recipes and try to work out how to make them so we can eat them.

I had recommended Chrissy to work with a friend of mine this fall, and she actually got the job. This is not surprising since she’s smart, dedicated and a hard worker (like most of my friends), but more because I seldom get to recommend my friends to my other friends because the skill sets never seem to line up.

I think I was almost more thrilled than she was when she got hired!

The first five prototypes of the Meezer Teaser Balls.

The first five of the Meezer Teaser Balls.

I’ve planned a fund-raising project for the Siamese Cat Rescue Center (who gave us Rumi) for the next year.  I’ll be trying to make at least one puzzle ball a week to be sold for make some money for their operating costs.

As of now, I’m calling them “Meezer Teaser Balls” because “Rumi’s Balls” was considered… er… a bit too… risqué. I just finished the sixth last night.

I’m using scraps from wherever I get them and polyester fiberfill (and thick poly batting scraps which I cut up to use with the fiberfill, since it’s free and I’m not using it for anything else.)  I had wanted to make some using flannel, but I don’t quilt with flannel, so I have no flannel scraps.

I’ve adapted some of the puzzle balls from Jinny Beyer’s book. (the triangle balls are slightly bigger, and most of the other balls have been reduced in size.) Which reminds me, I should probably get official permission to make these balls for this purpose…

My next big quilting project is to put labels on the quilts which were (or will be) finished for my talk in February using Bubble Jet Set.

Oh, and writing up the “V for Victory” quilt instructions.  Would you like to see them here?

As for holidays, Happy Hanukkah (with or without the C or the double n or only one k or however you spell it in English). I hope you enjoy your Christmas, Kwanzaa, and all other winter holidays you celebrate, and I hope to write again before the New Year.

Holiday Lead-Up


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Photo on 11-13-14 at 4.14 PM

A new DNA quilt finally goes on the long arm. (This is the one with the pieced back, which is finally the correct size.)

Rather than complain about the Christmas decorations (most put up after Halloween, thank goodness!) I’ve decided to embrace the whole deal.

Now, of course, this does not mean I’ll be leaving the Thanksgiving table to go to the mall (or waking up at O-dark-thirty to get “deals.) It just means I’ve decided not to be grumpy about it… for today at least.

I mean, shiny tinsel and evergreen boughs are pretty! Be happy! Don’t Worry!

I think I can stay like this until I have to pick up my prescriptions from Walmart.

So in my (probably temporary) un-grumpy state, I’m going to tell you what I’ve been up to in the last couple of weeks.

First of all, I have been writing.  I still think it’s dreck and will ultimately be unpublishable, but the novel has made some twists and turns that have surprised even me. I’m about 80% of the way through November’s word count and will hopefully be able to have it “validated” for NaNoWriMo before the end of the month.

What I learned is that I need a bit more structure when starting. I took out an old outline, but I hadn’t re-acquainted myself with the plot or characters before the beginning of November, and the story has veered WAY off course. I have no idea how it’s going to end (or if.)

Note to self: more prep for NaNoWriMo next year.

Most of the pictures I've taken lately have been of the cats. Here's Rumi

Most of the pictures I’ve taken lately have been of the cats. Here’s Rumi

Number two on the hit list is: dealing with cats.  I know I posted a picture of Rumi when I got him, but we’re still in the “getting acquainted” stage with Miko, so some hissing and growling accompanies my daily writing. No cats have been harmed in the making of this…. well you get the picture.

In terms of quilting, I finally got DnA4 (or is it 3) on the long arm. I programmed the machine and the first border went swimmingly.

Unfortunately, it all went down hill from there. I forgot to change the thread for the “inside” and then, last week, I wasn’t able to work on it at all.


I am co-running (is that a word?) a 10″ block “raffle” for my Guild with my friend Cricket.

This coming week, being American Thanksgiving, will also be a no-LA week, so it will taken longer than a month for me to finish it (probably even two.)

I still can’t get to my quilting supplies, so I am knitting instead.  I have the body, tail, one paw, and two ears of the Siamese kitty toy I’m knitting for my friend Kris.  Oh, and half of the head. I would knit a lot faster if I actually sat down and did it.

Finally, I am almost done with the book shelves after the flood. We have three empty shelves (out of 20) and some only partially filled.  I am beginning to move books from other areas to “fill the gaps” and, at the same time, go through those.) I hope to move the sofa back to its original position some time this week.

When I do, I can finally move the excess furniture from my bedroom and get quilting again!

Fun Times


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So what have I been up to in my missing couple of weeks? Well… there in lies a tale (and at least a couple of tails.)

First of all, I woke up the morning of October 23rd to find half of the front room of my apartment flooded.  The drains had not drained and, having been asleep, I hadn’t bailed.

I needed to pack up my my bookcases and my china cabinet. Bear in mind, by bookcases run the length of my apartment, and my “china cabinet” is three separate units, the center one housing my TV, etc.

So, as I sat around with various maintenance guys moaning about how much stuff I had, and how dare I garden on my porch (because, obviously the dirt from replanting pots was so much more responsible for clogging the drain, than the times that they trimmed the hedges (and didn’t sweep) or strip the paint on the upstairs porches (which fluttered down to my ground level apartment… which they didn’t sweep)… well, you get the picture.

An exhausted Rumi returns from exploring the main room.

An exhausted Rumi (not to be confused with Rumor) returns from exploring the main room.

During all this, I adopted an “annoying kitty companion” for Miko.  His name is Rumi.

I had hoped to have the Siamese Rescue people hold onto him for a few days while we got our apartment back in order, but, no, he had to come to his “forever home” in a total state of chaos.

And so we have remained.

We finally dried out and now Miko met her match. They both prefer to believe the other doesn’t exist, so even though doors are open, there is almost no interaction (unless you call Miko trying to eat Rumi’s food, which she shouldn’t have.)

I haven’t done any quilting since.  Quite frankly, my sewing machine is unreachable.  Actually, my bed is almost unreachable since I have been storing most of the furniture from the front room in my bedroom.

PiecedBackI thought I was going to be okay, though. Before this disaster happened, I had pieced together the backing for the next quilt I wanted to quilt on the long arm.

I went today and put it on, only to find out that my top was 2″ wider than my back.  I guess I’d better go back to measuring school… and find some fabric to add to the edges for next week.

You may also notice the widget on the left column. Yes, I am participating in NaNoWriMo again. I have gotten off to a rocky start in that I don’t have a clear idea of my main character, and pretty much everything that I’ve written so far is description and world-building that will end up on the cutting room floor.

Still, I have a better idea of what she’s about after 6 days of writing, and some of the other characters are coming into focus, so maybe I will be able to save the story after all.

I still live in the hope that I will return to weekly blogging about quilting.  We all must have our dreams…

Project Gap


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The first of the DnA quilts to be quilted is, of course, the last one  to be made: DnA4: In Memory of Edison.

The first of the DnA quilts to be quilted is, of course, the last one to be made: DnA4: In Memory of Edison.

I haven’t been feeling very creative (quilting-wise) lately.  I have been finishing stuff, just haven’t been able to think of a new project to start. It’s been like that since I came back from Pittsburgh.

I have been quilting, however. I finally finished the last of the Dragonfly Path quilt tops. It was like pulling teeth at the end. I don’t know what I was thinking of when I volunteered to make THREE Drunkard’s Path quilt tops, one right after another. (And, yes, there still in a fourth one in the pipeline, but I just don’t have the strength at the moment…)

I was so glad to see the end of the Dragonfly Fabic, I didn't even snap a photo of the finished top!

I was so glad to see the end of the Dragonfly fabric, I didn’t even snap a photo of the finished top! This is the layout in progress.

New case for my new laptop. (Now I know why people buy these things!)

New case for my new laptop. (Now I know why people buy these things!)

I couldn’t figure out what next to do, though, so I made a laptop case for my new MacBook Air. (I got this new computer so I could have all my writing software on it and write wherever I was, especially when I was out of town, or needed someone else to make coffee for me. Worked great at Mom’s house, where I got both at the same time.)

Anyway, I learned lots in making this piece, most important of all is: it’s really worth paying someone else to make the next one!

Between the zippers and the piping and the doubled batting (to cushion the little Mac from life’s many bumps), my lack of a working walking foot (long story) the only real surprise to me was that I finished it. As you can see, it’s string-pieced on a foundation. You may notice some fabric from my other projects, including the yellow plaid from Les Filles des Mares. the iridescent dragonflies, from THAT project (above), and, of course, the obligatory Hello Kitty fabric.

Doesn't look like much now, but this is part of the pieced back of DnA3, which I'll be quilting next.

Doesn’t look like much now, but this is part of the pieced back of DnA3: In Memory of Rumor, which I’ll be quilting next.

At least two of the strips are backing fabric from some recently completed quilts. In fact, the third strip down is the back of the quilt I have on the long arm at the moment.

The last of my “filler” projects is the backing for the next DnA quilt: DnA3: In Memory of Rumor. It’s pieced from all the cat fabrics I have left… and I still didn’t use everything up. My now much-more- rationally-sized stash of cat fabric includes two 1 yard pieces and less than half a dozen FQs of cat fabric. (So don’t send me anymore for my birthday!  Send airplane fabric instead :) )

I, of course, am trying not to go out and buy new fabric in the hopes that inspiration will hit again. I think until I find a block or vintage quilt that inspires me, I will simply go back to Borderpalooza.  I think there are 2 or 3 more than can be finished this year.

Pittsburgh Album


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EL-shipI have been plugging away at the last drunkards path/fairy frost quilt.  It’s kind of been putting me to sleep, so I haven’t been posting.

Another reason I haven’t been posting is that I went to visit my Mom and snuck into her studio to photograph her in-progress (has been for quite a few years) Baltimore Album-style quilt she calls Pittsburgh Album.

I believe she expects it to be 25 blocks in all, but she keeps making them and then saying others are not good enough.  Sound familiar?  I guess that’s where I get it from! Anyway, here’s some blocks from Mom’s Pittsburgh Album: EL-amish El-corn El-vase1 EL-vase2 EL-wreathAnd here’s something I did that was nestled in Mom’s blocks: AL-bwstrip   I hear some people’s moms save their kindergarten refrigerator art… oh gosh, do you think she saved that, too??!

Inspiration From Vintage Quilts


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Many dealers at Brimfield have quilts even though they don't specialize in them.

Many dealers at Brimfield have quilts even though not all who feature them specialize in them.

I try to post on Thursday, which is also when I go to use the long-arm. This past Thursday, however, I was cleaning and prepping for the visit from a friend, and so I didn’t get to this blog.

It was the last Brimfield of the year and this time we went on Friday when more dealers were open. Saturday is good, but some of the dealers pack up earlier because they are traveling on Sunday.

Anyway, I had nothing I was really looking for, so I settled for looking at quilts. (I also have to warn you that I forgot my camera, so these were taken with my “stupid phone” which you really can’t see in the sunshine.)

One of the things I really love about antique quilts is that even when they’re imperfect and downright wacky, they seem to represent that “real” human women were making them.

The piecing is great on this one.  The quilting... not so much.

The piecing is great on this one. The quilting… not so much, but the quilter obviously did as good a job as she could and the resulting top looks terrific!

The quilts that generally show up at Brimfield are not the stellar, “hang-in-the-museum” types, but more like the kind that I do which makes a great counter-weight to going to Quilt Shows.

“Ah, yes, these quilts were made to be used.”

Unfortunately, quite a few of them are used as packing, which seems a bit sad, but at least they’re not just sitting around. (She glances around her room at her stacks of quilts on the trunk at the base of her bed… on the closet shelves… in a pile on the drafting chair waiting for their binding…)

BrimStarTopSpeaking of making quilts…

Since I didn’t get to use the long-arm last week, it means that I still have to choose a project to work on for the next couple of weeks.

Coming back from Brimfield, I thought Brimfield Star, but I don’t think I have a backing I like with it, and I’m not even sure what kind of thread to use. I might have even decided all that, but if so, I forgot.

I really should write these things down… oh wait, I probably did.  I just lost the list.

The second of the Drunkard's Path quilts.

The second of the Drunkard’s Path quilts.

As for piecing, I am still working on Debbie’s Drunkard’s Path projects.  I’ve just finished the second (which I am considering calling Dragonfly Path: The Fairy Frost Strikes Back!)

So, that’s what I’ll be up to this week.  I may post again on Thursday, or I may make a move to Mondays… who knows?

Why I Am Grateful For Modern Quilting


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I've been sewing so much that another spool has "bitten the dust."

I’ve been sewing so much that another spool has “bitten the dust.”

I have been quilting for more than 25 years, so I can’t really claim to be a “Modern Quilter” and wouldn’t ever describe myself that way.  I am a quilter. Period.

But, for some reason, the term “Modern Quilting” doesn’t annoy me the way it does many of my contemporaries (i.e. quilters who have been quilting a while).  I see it mostly as a marketing thing, but anything that brings more voices in my art, and more fabric to my stash, I see as a good thing.

So, for my quilting buds, I am listing reasons why I am grateful that Modern Quilting has come along.

An orphan block from  Grandmother's Choice might be the inspiration for a quilt of its own.

An orphan block from Grandmother’s Choice might be the inspiration for a quilt of its own.

1. Gray.  I love grays because they sink back and are a team player.  It was getting really hard to find nice grays (and solids, too, for that matter) before “Modern Quilting” took off.

Like the Japanese quilters popularizing taupe (another color “discovery” I love), I will always be grateful for the new fabric designers for bringing back nice grays.

2. Online resources. The rotary cutter really revolutionized quilting. I remember it (mostly because I used templates to cut out the pieces for my first quilt… templates, and scissors, and (oh horrors!) a Sharpie!) It’s a wonder I wasn’t burned at the stake back then.

Since quilting has become popular again, there are dozens of podcasts, thousands of blogs, and millions of tutorials, both video and written. There are books, and rulers, and templates, and stencils, and patterns directed at all interests and skill levels. There are more ways than ever to connect to like-minded quilters all around the globe, and that’s just wonderful in my book.

Crossed Purposes is hot off the long arm!

Crossed Purposes is hot off the long arm!

3. The death of the Quilt Police. Oh, they’re still out there, but they are easier to ignore than ever by attributing your quilting style to something they are less familiar with.

You clipped your points or your corners don’t match: you are exploring “freeform piecing.” You like lots of white space, or you adore the new fabrics? You’re “modern.” You like using billions of scraps? You’re a “scrap quilter.” You’re exploring elements of design using fabrics and other stuff? You’re an “art quilter.” There are now more ways than ever to shut those pesky quilt police down.

Another possibility for the leftovers from the (many) Drunkard's Path quilts I've been playing with.

Another possibility for the leftovers from the (many) Drunkard’s Path quilts I’ve been playing with.

4. Experimentation and whimsy. I admire people who can take existing patterns and make them new and fun.  In fact, that’s what I try to do when I quilt: start with a parameter and see where I can take it.  Solve a “problem.” Probe deeper into a concept.

The Drunkard’s Path Blocks are my current “research” and I’m really enjoying myself.  Isn’t that the point of an avocation or hobby?  If I sewed as much for my business as I do for fun, it would be drudgery. I wouldn’t look forward to my time with my fabric. But because I can’t wait to see what happens when I put all those blocks on my design wall, it’s exciting and fun.

Edison had the right of it: the best part of quilting is enjoying the quilts you've made.

Edison had the right of it: the best part of quilting is enjoying the quilts you’ve made.

5. Making useful stuff is “in” again. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in thinking about what others see when they see our quilts that it seems like we’re constantly preparing for a Quilt Show. One of the things that the Modern Quilt Guild claims makes a “modern quilt” is that it is a utility quilt.  I find this really funny because that’s what I’ve been doing for 25+ years, but if they want to make it “cool,” then I’m “down” with that.

So if someone describes themselves as a “Modern Quilter.” Don’t regard it as if as if they are looking down their nose at you. Don’t pooh-pooh them as if they are merely following a trend (they may be, but didn’t we all when we started out? And some of us still do because we prefer that specific style.)  Think of it as if they are proudly proclaiming themselves “art quilters” or “traditional quilters” or “hand quilters” or “slow quilters” or whatever.  Concentrate our commonalities. They are easy to see. It’s in that second word: Quilters.

Playing Games


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Drunkard's Path #1, which I have dubbed (after the iridescent Dragonfly fabric): Dragonfly Path.

Drunkard’s Path #1, which I have dubbed (after the iridescent Dragonfly fabric): Dragonfly Path.

As I think I mentioned in my last post, I received some Drunkard Path blocks (and the makings for many more) from my friend, Debbie, who doesn’t piece anymore. My quest is to put these together in a cool and fun way and give the top back to her.

Perfect for me, ’cause I LOVE making tops… but the quilting/finishing part is not as compelling for me.

I finished the first top earlier in the week. With the flash (indoors) the dragonfly fabric is much more prominent that in “real life.”

Part of what makes this project fun for me is that I get to play with Drunkard’s Path layouts.  I had already done that with Fan Dance, and you may notice a similarily between the four sections of Dragonfly Path and the quarters of Fan Dance.

Another Drunkard's Path layout using the black background as sort of "pinwheels."  Can you see it?

Another Drunkard’s Path layout using the black background as sort of “pinwheels.” Can you see it?

Now, of course, I have about 400 more blocks using black and the dragonfly fabric as the background with 25 different Fairy Frost quarter circles. I want to make these as different from Dragonfly Path as I can.

I’m playing with layouts of blocks in groups of four.

The thing I thought of was to view the Drunkard’s Path blocks as a sort of half-square triangle and try out layouts using that idea.

If you look at the first layout, the first four blocks in the corner I tried to make look like a pinwheel, but skipping over the first two on the left side, you can see the next four from a “Broken Dishes” block.

This version looks a bit more "Modern" to me but I can't really tell why.

This version looks a bit more “Modern” to me, but I can’t really tell why.

So, I decided that I needed two different 4-block units, and I came up with a layout I call “all in/all out.” I’m sure there’s an official name for it somewhere, but I’m too lazy to look it up.

I rather like this because it means there can be some motif quilting in the center areas with a contrasting thread.

I have to say, though, that I never really gave a thought to the quilting of quilts while piecing until I started trying to finish up my tops this year.

Adding that dimension has changed how I view my tops.

When thinking about how I approach quilting, I used to think about it the same way I would approach putting together jigsaw puzzles with my Dad. They usually don’t just “go together” at random, but there’s a “right way.”


Well, in quilting, there really isn’t a “right way” and that’s what makes quilting a game for me.  I get to decide what’s “right.” The colors you pick for your quilts are a piece of the puzzle. Then you cut the actual pieces and put them into a block.  You can view the blocks as pieces to assemble into a top. You can add quilting motifs as another piece of the puzzle.

But the best thing is that you have control and you know when it’s “right.”

(p.s. You may eventually see Dragonfly Path in the shop of the New England Quilting Museum in Lowell, MA, since my friend, Debbie works in the shop.)

Should-a, Would-a, Could-a


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Playing with Drunkard's Path blocks from my friend, Debbie, I have put about a third of them into this new top which I'm calling Dragonfly Path.

Playing with Drunkard’s Path blocks from my friend, Debbie, I have put about a third of them into this new top which I’m calling Dragonfly Path.

Last week I finished the quilting on Aiming for Accuracy.  I am happy that it’s done, but I wish I had picked a different  quilting motif.

I like the loopy ribbony part, but the lotus blossom seems a bit dense for the rest of the quilting. So, since I’m not enthusiastic about the way it turned out, I have been dragging my heels a bit.

The reason you don’t see a photo of it here is that, even though I sewed the binding on, I still have to fold it over and hand stitch it. This is a problem for me in the Summer when I don’t watch much TV.

I couldn’t think of what to do next, so I’m taking the week off, but I think the next one on the long arm will be Crossed Purposes.

I have a back that I like that’s big enough (although it needs a seam across the middle), but I can’t think of what to do in terms of quilting.

Miko watches intently as our porch gets really close to flooding our apartment.

Miko watches intently as our porch gets really close to flooding our apartment.

Just  edge-to-edge panto will do the trick since there’s so much going on with the piecing, but should I  something different on the border (which is what I would do if I were handquilting it)?

I could just follow the lines of the piecing, but that will take more time than just “panto-ing away.”

Decisions, decisions…

Am I overthinking this again?  After all, this is the quilt top made from blocks that I had to wash because of Edison, so the reds bled and made the blocks look different from the way I planned (and the edges frayed so I had to cut down the sashing.)

I have made decisions about the Drunkard Path blocks I got from my friend Debbie who said “sew these all together into a top… and here’s some scraps.” Well, there were about 5 billion of these DP blocks, so I decided that the batik didn’t play well with the others, and I split them off.  The result is on my design wall and has been dubbed Dragonfly Path because one of the back background fabrics is printed with iridescent dragonflies.

No clue as to what I’ll do with the other 200 or so blocks.

Well, anyway, I don’t have to choose anything else today since I’m going to the Farmer’s market in a bit and I still have to hack away at The Echoes.

Hope you all have a creative week!

I posted the following to Facebook, but it’s been on my mind for the past few days, so I thought I’d share it here as well:

I wasn’t going to say anything about Robin Williams because my first thought was “one of us lost.” Most of you who know me, know that I have been diagnosed with Depression (or, what I call “cap D Depression to difference it from the emotion.) I’ve been working on it with (with various rates of success) for years.

For me, it’s not about feeling sad. It’s about feeling numb and without energy or motivation. I’ve never felt like committing suicide because that’d be way too much work, but some days, even getting up to make coffee is a major effort.

While we don’t really know how or why Robin Williams died, I feel great wonder at what he was able to accomplish given what he had to fight against and a certain amount of kinship with him because of his struggle with Depression.

In many ways, my quilting is one way I cope with my Depression. Somehow, I am always able to push myself out of a stupor to play with color and texture, to sew “just a few” pieces of fabric together.  It’s been a lifeline for me for decades and is about far more than just “making blankets.”

…Though, of course, since I live in New England, “blankets” are always useful in the winter…



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I learned a lot from In Full Bloom. Each block is a separate quilting motif, so I machine quilted it block by block... and subsequently had to tie off ALL those ends.

I learned a lot from In Full Bloom. Each block has a separate quilting motif, so I machine quilted it block by block… and subsequently had to tie off ALL those ends.

I am hoping to get my quilting mojo back.

What? You thought I never lost it?

I had to smush two photos of Airship together because I couldn't step back far enough to get all of it in one shot.

I had to smoosh two photos of Airship together because I couldn’t step back far enough to get all of it in one shot.

Well, for a while I feel like I have been plodding along. Even the new(ish) quilt that I have been working on (Airships) has felt “flat.”

It’s as if all my design decisions lately have been ordinary and uninspired.

Sure, I’ve been excited by the fact that I’m actually getting quilts finished and bound, but I’ve been second-quessing myself for a while now. I have been asking my friends (and some of my fellow group members on Yahoo and Facebook) for suggestions and advice.

So, what happens to you went you get “unconfident” in making design decisions?


Half-square triangle border strips for Borderpalooza quilt Les Filles Des Mares are done!

Do you stop what you’re doing and just stew on the decision?

Do you just keep plugging away and hope you don’t “ruin” what you’re working on?

Well, I tried to apply my recent writing experience only to find it’s just not directly applicable:

I hit a wall on my current book “The Echoes” and decided to write the plot in the first person from the protagonist’s point of view, as if she were keeping a diary.  I crept up to the point in the story that I had gotten stuck and found that I had more ideas of how to continue. Success!

Unfortunately, working on another quilting project doesn’t seem to help my present project. (I can’t say “related” because none of my quilts are actually related to each other, except the DnA project quilts and I’ve made all of those projects I’m going to!)

Getting confidence back in making design decisions is going to be harder than I thought.

I didn’t like the bright blue background for Airships. I changed it to a green even though it’s not “conceptually right.”  I like it better. I find it’s a better tonal balance, but do airships really fly in green air?

And no one but me seems to like it.

So, I’ll be working on appliqueing the center circles on the blocks for a bit and trying to decide if I should search for a different blue or keep the green the way it is… maybe use a contrasting color for the quilting on those blocks.

How strange (and frustrating!) to have so much fabric and nothing that I feel “works.”


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